Saturday, July 5, 2014

goodbye gnats you nasty buggers!

The summer gnats have been horrendous this year!  It's so irritating when you're watching TV or working on your computer and gnats are buzzing around your head ruining your concentration.  We worked with the shop door open all day yesterday and the gnats just seemed to be congregating inside.  So before we left, we did something so easy, but so effective, I just had to share!

I poured a small amount of sweet white wine (Riesling to be exact) into a plastic cup and then I added a few drops of dish soap.

 I did not cover the cup.  I just set the glass out on the tabletop overnight and LOOK!

 YAY!!!    That is less than 12 hours of gnat catching!

I've tried other methods in the past, such as apple cider vinegar and the store-bought peaches.  Nothing has worked this well!

~ vintage love ~



Debby said...

My kids had problems with them last year and did something similar. It seems they really like hanging around. Can't wait to get back to your shop. So busy here with listing the house and surgery. Ready for something fun. Sue and I want to meet there and shop. Hope you are having a nice summer.

Fox and Finch Antiques said...

Oh, good tip! Do you have one for mosquitoes? They are driving me nuts. After everyone in these old buildings evicted the BATS, we are dealing with mosquito bites. Before, nary a mosquito, even at night. Your shop looks charming.

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