Sunday, March 16, 2014

the new shop ~

After a whirlwind of painting, building, moving and merchandising, our new brick and mortar shop is open!  We had an amazing first week back in the swing of things!

All of the pictures you'll see today were taken by the talented Marcy Harris, owner of Marcy Harris Photos.  Her photos literally took my breath away when I saw them!  She has such an eye!  Can't wait to share!

My husband built the store counter and my friend Pat Warthen came and painted my logo on the front.  Turned out even better than I had envisioned!

 Our old store had 484 square feet.  We've moved up to 870 with nice high ceilings.  I kept the walls and floors light to create a light and airy feeling.  The front windows go from floor to ceiling and add tons of natural light.  So happy!

 The floors began as dirty industrial carpet which was removed and the glue was grinded away to reveal the natural cement aggregate.  They then painted it white and brought in industrial sanders to rough it up.  The end result exceeded my expectations!

 I decided to add some gently used clothing to the mix at the new shop.  Each piece is hand picked for it's "romantic prairie" style and charm.  I look for lace, ruffles, rosettes and muted soft colors and pieces that are perfect for layering.  I also strive to find brand names quality pieces.  These items are all gently used, as you would find in an upscale consignment shop.

 Just one rack of clothing, but everyone is loving it so far!

 we even have a fitting room!


 Handmade vintage spoon jewelry.....

A new line of charm jewelry by Beaucoup Designs...........

vintage touches...

locally made jewel art......

 old correspondence........

 upcycled and repurposed........

Easter and Spring touches everywhere

 handmade home decor

handmade wreaths

 vintage finds

the big wooden doors were made from old hay wagon rails that were salvaged from the building.  they lead to the adjoining store, Sticks and Stones Studio 

What a wonderful first week we had!  So many familiar faces and new visitors each day!  My heart is filled with joy as we begin this new chapter of our vintage shopkeeping journey.

~ vintage love ~