Thursday, January 16, 2014

under the weather {but getting better} ~

Hello everyone!  I have been absent for so long, it feels like an eternity with this nasty bug that caught me and just wouldn't let go.  I didn't even get to post any more Christmas house photos because I just didn't feel like doing anything!  Maybe I still can decorations and tree are still up!!  LOL, can't believe I just admitted that, but hey, it's the truth!

So anyways, my holidays were cut short because of my flu......I didn't get to go to Christmas or New Years, so that was a huge bummer.  We were leaving to travel to Atlanta for the Gift Market January 6, so I went to the doctor to try and get some help with my bug.  And the over-the-counter meds I was taking had caused my blood pressure to be extremely high, so an EKG and other tests ensued from there.  And then the meds for that have had quite an adjustment period.  I am literally just starting to feel like myself this week.  And that's after a nice visit to the beach in Florida!   I just want to get back to normal and start feeling like me again!

We got back from Market on Sunday and we started re-setting the shop with a whole new sweet and shabby look, so I thought I'd share a few pics of displays we've been working on...........

 We are doing a mix and match Valentine's banner bar!  So fun to pick and choose which hearts you like.  We have 28 styles to choose from!

 Our love filled window thanks to John, George, Paul and Ringo!

 And my favorite display in the shop.............

So now that I'm on the mend, I'm hoping to get busy painting and sourcing new wares!  Maybe I'll take down my Christmas decor at home sometime too!  hahaha

~ vintage love ~



Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

I am so glad you are feeling better dear friend !!!!
I hope you enjoyed your trip and soaked in some sunshine !
The shop looks soooooo AMAZING !!!!
Hugs to you !

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Polly, Glad you are on the mend! So many friends I know, had the bug around Christmas and New Years too! Your window display is adorable-FUN! I so enjoy seeing the PINKS for Valentines coming around...such an uplifting color! It says...Spring is around the corner! Your shop is so pretty! Blessings~~~Roxie

Robin Johnson said...

Your shop is looking oh so pretty. Love the heart banners

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your shop looks great, and I'm so glad you are feeling better. Such a hard time to be sick - during the holidays - but probably good that you could slow down a bit. The heart banners are so adorable! (my little tree is still up downstairs - I usually don't take it down until right before the Superbowl - so don't feel too bad) Hope you have a very nice weekend.

Suzanne Vincent said...

The store looks beautiful and I have the Beatles running through my head. Prayers that you are back to feeling like yourself very soon!

Junkchiccottage said...

Hi Polly,
The shop looks pretty. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Glad your feeling better Polly. It's been a bad season for flu from what I hear. Your shop looks great though!
Hugs, Patti

must love junk said...

Polly, glad you're finally feeling better! I couldn't seem to get rid of my bug over the holidays, either-no fun! Your shop looks amazing, as always :)

Fox and Finch Antiques said...

I saw your site a long time ago but must not have signed up because I just found you again! I have a shop, too, in Illinois, and I enjoy reading about what other shop owners are doing and I am inspired by others energy. (Hope all of yours is back soon.) I love the way you put the pink roses pictures in with your wonderful things. I'll sign up now! I like what you are doing!
P.S. I just realized why I didn't sign up. OpenID never verifies my Wordpress ID. Got on with my Google ID. Heavens, I need more IDs than I have passwords.

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