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Monday, December 16, 2013

my home office touched by vintage {holiday} ~

 Hello everyone!  My holiday home tour continues today with my home office that is filled with some of my favorite vintage finds, including a few holiday touches too!  This room is the most feminine room in our house.  You'll find ruffled pillows, pinks and pastels, and all kinds of white furniture.  But in the same room, you'll also find industrial and primitive too.  It's a true juxtaposition in styles and probably my most favorite space in our house.  I didn't do a ton of holiday decorating in here but enough for a little dose of holiday cheer.

This year, we placed our main Christmas tree in the doorway between this office space and our family room.  This way, it can be enjoyed from both rooms and you can see it lit from outside.  I always love to see a sparkling twinkling tree from the street view!

 This is the view from our foyer........

 My wreath filled with vintage Shiny Brites is perfect as a candle ring!

 I added a vintage white tree into one of the baskets resting on top of my file cabinet and filled with sweet vintage Shiny Brites in some of my favorite pastels.  The cabinet itself is a recent purchase to help me get all my papers organized.  You'll see how it's helping me in just a minute.

The cabinets rescued from the basement of an old jail opens to reveal lots of slots, the perfect size for paper filing.  I've labelled each slot and it now houses all of our bills, receipts, files, and paperwork.  I might be in love with this.  It makes bill paying and receipt finding so much easier!   There's four doors that open to reveal all kinds of organization!

On the other side of the room, I've recently replaced a mid century credenza with this set of industrial drawers to house all my little bits..........pens, pencils, markers, brushes, office supplies, etc....  I am completely and totally smitten with my 54 drawers of storage potential!

 I have a small collection of vintage office tools like my rubber stamps.

 The front wall that faces the street houses my IKEA desk that I designed with the Alex drawer units and a kitchen tabletop.  I love looking outside while I'm working here.  I did all my Christmas gift wrapping here this year watching the snow fall, drinking a cider, and listening to music.  So much better than the basement!

A large bottle drying rack holds all my ribbons, twines, scissors and tags

 more vintage office supplies

washi tape { new obsession }

old pencils I bought at Antebellum Farmhouse

My favorite antique ornament showcased in a small wooden bowl.  Pale pink, super fragile, so sweet

 This antique cupboard in the corner houses collections and little things I love.  When we bought the cupboard, it had a piece of gingerbread molding on top that I lived with for a while but finally removed it to reveal much cleaner lines.  Plus I can line up my IKEA burlap boxes on top for even more storage!

My M book that Nichi cut for me.  I chose this one for the dragonfly on the cover and the soft sweet pink.

Kelly Rae artwork from CornerSmiths

My Mom's Little Women book, all tattered and torn and obviously well loved

Thank you for visiting today and seeing how I stay organized and how I've added a touch of vintage Christmas to my favorite space.

~ vintage love ~


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Sunday, December 15, 2013

my merry dining room ~

 Making merry in my dining room for Christmas with pops of red but still a simple farmhouse style overall.  It's amazing how some little bits of color here and there are just the right touch of cheer for Christmas!


I used a ton of live greenery throughout the house this year.  I sent my husband to pick up some pine and cedar for me and he came back with bundles and bundles of various types.  It was really fun to work it all in here and there!  The Keep Calm card was my birthday card from my hubby in November.  I just love the saying on it and it's so glittery, I thought it was a cute touch in my hint of red room!

Square antique mercury glass garland nestled into some live cedar is the simplest touch to my chippy old cupboard in this corner..........

I thought the squares were unique!


The addition of small wreaths that I made for the back of the chairs dresses them up a bit....

For my centerpiece, I kept my antique bottle carrier and filled the jars with boxwood, pine and babys breath and a few big chunky peppermint sticks

My antique mercury glass bells are a lovely touch here....

Not sure if you can see, but I added crystal prisms to the branches!  Love that crystal sparkle!

 Stockings made from old feedsacks liven up my welsh cupboard.......

 One of my Chirstmas purchases this year was this NOEL sign I found at Rose's {of all places} for $7.  It fit perfectly in the center cubby of my cupboard.


 A recent gift from a sweet friend is this old McCormick {our last name} red toy tractor.  I absolutely love it mixed in with my white dishes!

From this angle, you can see a little peek into my kitchen..........

merry merry to all my sweet friends!

~ vintage love ~


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