Saturday, November 9, 2013

eclectic and cozy family room ~

The other day, I got a text from a friend saying "hey, just got my carpets cleaned, so all the furniture is moved out of my family room.  Want to come help me restyle the space tonight?"

Knowing she has a super fun, eclectic vintage style and 3 super cute little girls to hang out with, I answered with an emphatic YES right away!  Girls night!!

Trish loves things that are vintage, eclectic, family heirlooms.  She's a great thrifter.  She had fun stuff throughout her house that we could use.  She didn't mind pulling from other rooms.  I felt like a kid in a candy store checking out all of her treasures, and my wheels were spinning out of control!

She had already filled one wall with a gallery effect of special artwork and pieces, so that was my initial inspiration because I instantly saw that she loves a collected, eclectic, fun style.  She mentioned that she wanted to bring in some turquoise and mustard yellow and she also told me that she loves all of her vintage mirrors she's collected.

With all that in mind, we went to work.

And of course we forgot to take before pictures.  Duh.

But around 11pm, we did remember to take some after photos.

So excuse the poor 11pm lighting, but enjoy the cuteness!

 Trish had recently purchased the floral pillows that contain all the colors she loves.  Those pillows really helped to tie it all together!  She bought the tiny turquoise mirror at my shop and it adds a fun little spark of color to this gallery wall of mirrors and artwork.

 This is the wall she had already started and had been adding to as she accumulated new pieces.  We just rearranged a few things and gave it a fresh new look.  All of her stuff tells a story.  I loved hearing where she got things and who they reminded her of.  Her favorite thing is the vintage yellow lamp that she also purchased at Georgie Emerson, so we made sure it was front and center!

More family paintings and artwork found a yard sales and thrift stores make up the gallery walls.

 Knowing that Trish has a fun and quirky style, we didn't go with a totally linear look.  This offset mirror on the right added a fun twist for that corner.

We used an old shoe shine box to elevate the lamp in this corner and give the illusion of taller ceilings.  She sewed the throw on the table and the cute camera strap cover on the vintage camera.

Her Grandma's Danish Modern chair came back into the room with a pop of red in the pillows and a throw that Trish sewed had that pop of turquoise she craves.

We spent a little cash on Command Strips to hang things but other than that, this was a no cost makeover.  That makes it all even more fun.

using what you've got - creating a new look - decorating with fun finds

That's the way to do it!

~ vintage love ~

Polly {and Trish}


Debby said...

Oh it all looks so cute. I just posted pictures of my house. I have a couple large walls that I want to do galleries on. I could use your help for sure. I really like her walls. Her house is nice and COZY.

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

How fun Polly, her house looks darling !!

QualMed said...

Your home looks beautiful and I LOVE your shop! Wish I lived closer to I could pick up some cute items. Keep up the good work!

Cate ,.,

QualMed said...

SO not "to"

Cate :-(

Stacey said...

Everything looks great! I love that it was all already in the house and y'all just had fun pulling it together. Yay for Command strips too.

must love junk said...

Polly, you did a great job helping Trish with her living room! It looks so comfy and inviting!! :)

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