Friday, August 16, 2013

bathroom progress ~

I'm happy to say that much progress is occurring on our bathroom renovation.  It's so fun to go home at the end of each day and see what they completed.  Here's some sneak peeks of what we've got going on.

This pic shows our marble countertops that are staying and the various tiles we were trying to decide on.........

We decided on the marble hex for the shower floor with white subway tile for the walls.  The marble subway tiles will be the bathtub backsplash with a marble pencil molding at the top.

This is the new rebuilt shower stall before tile.  Our contractor added a niche for shampoo and a custom bench for me to hoist my leg onto to make it easier to shave.  I've also asked for a grab bar to be installed for safety reasons, let's face it, I'm not getting any younger, and I am kind of clumsy!

 In this little alcove between the shower and tub, they removed a built-in window bench that was quite a waste of space.  The floor was not tiled underneath, so they removed the tile backsplash from around the tub {which was the same as our floor tile} and salvaged it to finish off this area of flooring.

Now I'll be on the search for a piece of furniture to fit here for extra storage.  I know exactly what I old raw pine farmhouse cupboard.  Now the challenge of finding it is another thing!  I came across this one yesterday, but it's too tall, darnit........

 I am just in love with that time worn patina and I think it would look so good paired with the marble.  Oh well, I'll keep looking!

So here is the finished floor where the window seat used to be.  I am amazed at how well it matched up!  When they removed the tiles from the backsplash, they had to cut them out so the drywall was still attached to them.  They soaked them and scraped all the grout and mortar off of them.  They were like new!

 Here is the tub area after the 12 x 12 tiles were removed and the walls were repaired.  This bathtub is literally my most favorite place in the whole world.  Taking a bath is such a luxury to me.  We toyed with the idea of leaving the walls alone and doing a gallery artwork area over the tub, but in the end, we decided on tile which you'll see in the next pic...........

 Here it is with the marble backsplash installed, but not grouted or trimmed out.  Looking good already!

So back to the shower for a minute.  The grout color was by far my hardest decision so far.  My heart kept telling me that white grout was the way to go.  I felt it would keep it light and airy and spa-like. 

But my brain and my friends kept telling me that white grout will get so dirty and I'll end up hating it.  So in the end, I decided on light grey for the floor {the lighter one on the right side of the grout samples} and white for the walls.  My contractor has assured me that he'll "seal the hell out of it" so hopefully we don't end up with too much trouble keeping it clean!

We ordered this shower door from

They said it would take 1 to 4 weeks for delivery, but it came 2 days later!  It was $660 with no shipping fee which is a good $1800 cheaper than ordering direct from manufacturer.  Now we just will hope that it fits!  I love the frameless shower door look, it adds a nice touch of modern.

So that's where we're at with the renovation!  It's moving along, and I would anticipate another couple of weeks and we'll be finished.  They still need to tile the shower, do some wood trim work, some touch up painting, and installation of new pendant lights.  I am getting antsy, but these guys are doing such a meticulous job, I couldn't be happier!  Will post when it's all done!!

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Pam Kessler said...

I'm so excited to see the progress. Good choice of the hex tiles. I've always loved those.

Our bathrooms could be twins you know (before your reno)! I have the same type of fiberglass shower stall thing with the glass doors that hold onto the mold. Plus (I am so proud of this), we have carpet in the bathroom!!! It was all here when we bought the house and we just have not gotten around to doing a renovation on it. You are giving me hope that it can be done!

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT and when it is done with all the Polly touches it is going to be FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared Sands said...

Glad to see all the progress! I can feel your happiness as you see how your bathroom is coming along. By the looks of your choices, I can say that you really took the time to look for hardware, just every piece to make your bathroom renovation possible. Congrats!

-Jared Sands @ DesMoinesIowaContractor

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