Tuesday, July 9, 2013

furniture makeovers ~

I've got a garage full of furniture screaming at me to help them look cute again.  I've been stocking up on project pieces for the cooler weather that's inevitably coming our way again.

But I could not ignore a few of my favorites any longer! 

Even though it is hot and humid {which I absolutely loathe hot weather by the way}, I decided to put my paint brush to work.

This sweet old chair is my first project............

 I loooooove the sweet floral details and it's a nice solid sturdy chair.  The seat is a vintage needlepoint, which is actually kind of pretty, but just not quite my style, so the seat will be reupholstered as well.

I chose a pretty pale green oops paint and mixed it up with some plaster of paris to create my own version of chalk-like paint.  I've only done this a few times, but I thought I'd give it another try.  It seemed to adhere pretty well and distressed easily {wear a mask and safety goggles when distressing any paint!}.  This is how it looks after just one coat of my concoction........


 I had enough of my green paint left to do another small table, so I pulled out this ho-hum little thing that my husband picked up for me recently.  It's a cute diminutive thing and has some pretty details.  It's missing the cross bar at the bottom, but it's still plenty sturdy.


 A little splotchy after one coat, but that'll even out with another application.  Aren't these legs pretty?

 I forgot to get a before shot of my third victim, silly me!  This is actually a gorgeous cocktail or coffee table and is super solid, but the top was a mess with coffee cup rings and burns.  I opted on a neutral cream for this one and my plan is to distress her pretty heavily.  I am totally crushing on the lines of this piece!

Here she is, all done and styled in the shop...........

Busy week of projects!  Always fun and it feels so good when something is finished and looking pretty.  Always a sense of accomplishment and triumph of saving a sad unwanted piece.

~ vintage love ~



Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

So pretty Polly! Love the green paint you made - that chair is adorable! I have some kinda like it at my dining table - they were my grandmas's - she bought them at an auction. I'm not a super hot weather girl either. 70's please would be my perfect! Hope you are enjoying your day !

Debra Oliver said...

LOVE that last piece, just gorgeous!!

Shannon Gabor said...

Great pieces and you did such a great job, especially on the last one! You're a brave soul - it's hot out there!

Kenya Holmon said...

Like that last piece, just gorgeous!!

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