Monday, July 29, 2013

dresser dolled up with duck egg ~

Now that I've hopped on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint wagon, I've been broadening my horizons by trying a new color or two.  At $38.95 a quart, I've tended to go very safe in my color selections with Pure White and Old White but the Duck Egg looked so pretty on a piece at the store where I bought the paint, I decided to give it a whirl!

I decided to try it out on a couple of pieces, both pictured below..........the dresser in front and the side table in back.  I love how they turned out.  My only gripe about this paint is the powdery mess it makes after distressing.  But the outcome makes it worthwhile as I do really like the shabby timeworn effect I get with this paint.

 I just love the shape of this old reminds me of a quatrefoil design


 And the dresser wearing her new color.........


 I probably should mention the lamps as well.  They are vintage turned wood lamps.  Great shape, nice and chunky, kind of like old spindles, but not very cute in their original state.  I was inspired by the funky shades that I bought several months ago at Target.  So I started with a base coat of mustard yellow on each lamp.  I then went over the yellow with a coat of ASCP Pure White.  And then started distressing both with a sanding sponge and my electric sander.  The yellow peeks through here and there.  I am loving how they turned out!

Before:  typical 1970's wooden lamps

 Just a few of the projects from the past couple of days!  All will be available at the shop very soon!

~ vintage love ~



Debby said...

Did you wax them. I "think" you can wax and then distress. The dark wax can be mixed with the light wax and it does a great job of aging it. Duck Egg is my favorite color but I haven't gotten to use the old white yet. It is awesome paint though.

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...


Suzanne Vincent said...

Polly, great work on all of the pieces. I love that you too a chance on the lamps - I see them all the time at garage sales/fleas and think that they could be so beautiful if updated.

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