Thursday, June 27, 2013

SMILE banner tutorial ~

 Today I thought I'd share how I made a cute SMILE banner using my locally cut birch wood banners and letters.  They are so easy to embellish with scrapbook paper!

You'll need:

birch flags
birch letters
scrapbook paper
other embellishments that you desire
glue stick
hole punch

I chose this cute aqua chevron paper from Archiver's as well as some metallic gold borders, because who doesn't love a little bling?!?!

 First, you'll trace your birch flag triangles on your scrapbook paper.  Once traced, cut them out.

To line up the holes on the birch flags, I just placed the paper triangle on top of the wooden triangle and placed a pencil mark above each hole.

 Then I just used a hole punch over those pencil marks.

Next I used a glue stick to attach the paper triangles to the wood triangles.

You'll have 5 sturdy triangle flags!
 For my little bit of bling, I had to cut the gold borders to fit.  I laid it over top of each flag and eyeballed where it would look best.

 Then I carefully flipped it over just holding it in place and trying to make sure it didn't slip while I was flipping it!

 Once it was flipped over, I used a pencil to mark where the edges of the flag would be.  Then all I had to do was cut the gold border where the pencil marks were.

 At this point, I used the glue stick to attach the gold border to the flag and I used superglue to attach the birch letter to each flag. 

 Then it's time for ribbon.  I strung my flags onto the coordinating ribbon I chose.  I've found that thicker ribbon works best.

 And there you have it!  All done!!

The wooden flags and letters are sturdy and strong so this banner will last a while.  The sky is the limit with the embellishments!

I sell the birch letters and flags here at the shop.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this little craft session!

~ vintage love ~



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Your sweet banner put a SMILE on my face !!


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