Thursday, June 27, 2013

SMILE banner tutorial ~

 Today I thought I'd share how I made a cute SMILE banner using my locally cut birch wood banners and letters.  They are so easy to embellish with scrapbook paper!

You'll need:

birch flags
birch letters
scrapbook paper
other embellishments that you desire
glue stick
hole punch

I chose this cute aqua chevron paper from Archiver's as well as some metallic gold borders, because who doesn't love a little bling?!?!

 First, you'll trace your birch flag triangles on your scrapbook paper.  Once traced, cut them out.

To line up the holes on the birch flags, I just placed the paper triangle on top of the wooden triangle and placed a pencil mark above each hole.

 Then I just used a hole punch over those pencil marks.

Next I used a glue stick to attach the paper triangles to the wood triangles.

You'll have 5 sturdy triangle flags!
 For my little bit of bling, I had to cut the gold borders to fit.  I laid it over top of each flag and eyeballed where it would look best.

 Then I carefully flipped it over just holding it in place and trying to make sure it didn't slip while I was flipping it!

 Once it was flipped over, I used a pencil to mark where the edges of the flag would be.  Then all I had to do was cut the gold border where the pencil marks were.

 At this point, I used the glue stick to attach the gold border to the flag and I used superglue to attach the birch letter to each flag. 

 Then it's time for ribbon.  I strung my flags onto the coordinating ribbon I chose.  I've found that thicker ribbon works best.

 And there you have it!  All done!!

The wooden flags and letters are sturdy and strong so this banner will last a while.  The sky is the limit with the embellishments!

I sell the birch letters and flags here at the shop.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this little craft session!

~ vintage love ~


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shop stuff ~


Thought I'd share some pics from around the newly twirled shop at 13 E. Waterloo Street today!!

mosaic table is sold

little frames are sold

yellow dish is sold

dictionary is sold

chair is sold

magazine table is sold

turquoise chalkboard is sold

mirror is sold

market totes are sold

knives are sold

veggie prints are sold

life is beautyfull sign is sold

tablecloth is sold

all in store now!!

~ vintage love ~


Friday, June 21, 2013

nice people ~

I got to the shop this morning and much to my surprise, I found this bag of Scrabble M's hanging on my mail slot on the door.  M's are a hot commodity in the Scrabble crafting world and my supply always seems to run low, so you can just imagine how happy I was to find this little gem of a surprise greeting me!


 I do not know who dropped these off, but whoever you are, you are awesome!

Thanks so very much!!

 A couple weeks ago, I pulled up to the shop after 3 days off and found a fabulous old door propped up outside!  It is now standing next to my front door!

I heart nice people!

And I've met an awful lot of you since opening this little store of mine!

Thanks for being you!

~ vintage love ~


Monday, June 17, 2013

his and hers ~

It was a busy busy week at the shop so Mick and I decided to hit the road yesterday to see if we could find some cool stuff.  When we got home and unloaded last night, I thought the difference in our piles was quite amusing!

Most of this stuff will be heading to GEV later this week!  Although, a few things I'm going to play with at home to see if they'll work in some areas I've been tweaking.  That chippy table on the right will hopefully fit in my laundry room as a folding table, crossing my fingers!  And the chippy wall shelf on the left leaning against the cubbies was purchased specifically for my foyer, but now I'm worried it might be a tad too big.  We'll have to see!  You may notice some IKEA purchases mixed in there Lenda curtains for my family room, cheap outdoor cushions just $5.99 each and some other little things fill the plastic trash can.  I love that place!  And I am staying home today to do some fluffing of my nest!

And in case you're wondering, Mick bought a scrapbook filled with old photos that he'll try to reunite with living relatives (how cool is that?), 2 more individual photos, an envelope of photos (yes, photos are his addiction), a view master and a bunch of reels (his other addiction - he owns over 700 viewmaster reels!!!), and a Swanky Swig for his Mom for her Christmas stocking.

Hope you had a great Father's Day!

~ vintage love ~


Friday, June 14, 2013

sidewalk sale ~

We decided to do a little impromptu spur-of-the-moment sidewalk sale today!  Lots of very random and very cheap items.............garage sale prices!!

It's perfect gorgeous weather today, so we thought it might be fun to try.  We are thinking we might do this every weekend {weather permitting} through the summer months!

Fun Friday Sale!

~ vintage love ~