Wednesday, May 29, 2013

beautiful sentiments ~

A few years ago, I discovered the beautiful pieces of jewelry created by Beth Quinn.

I would wear my sweet little necklace that says "laugh", especially on those days that I just didn't feel like laughing.  But inevitably, I would look down at that sparkly little bubble and have an instant reminder that things really weren't so bad.  And if they were, laughing might just be the best medicine.

Since I've opened my little brick and mortar store, I was so excited to have an opportunity to bring Beth's designs on board.  Your response to her creations has been amazing.

I just received a new shipment of 16 of her pieces!

Here's a few pics.........

They are stylish little reminders that each of us needs to hear {or see} every so often.

They make unique gifts for graduates, teachers, Moms, sisters, friends, daughters........

Hurry in for best selection of what I have!  Or you can always swing by Beth's website and order directly from her!

~ vintage love ~


Friday, May 24, 2013

around the shop ~

Happy Friday!

Just popping in to share some photos from around my little shop today!  Filled to the brim with shabby frenchy farmhouse goodies!!


Hope you all have a great holiday weekend!!


~ vintage love ~


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

my best find ever ~

So I have urn love.  

Urn envy.

Let's just be honest, I get downright green when I see an antique urn in someone's yard.

I covet them from afar knowing I'll likely never have a pair.

My husband says they are always too heavy and too expensive.

So I have the fake resin kind gracing my garden corners.

But on this past Saturday, I stumbled across

It once graced a garden corner, but now it's a lamp!  And Mick was right, even though it's petite, it's heavy heavy!

I found her at a garage sale on Saturday, already converted into a lamp.



I was just hoping she wasn't already sold.  It was my lucky day!

So there she sits on my kitchen counter in all her tall, slender, rusty beauty.

I heart old rusty crusty urns.

What about you, what would make your heart skip a beat if you spotted it at the next garage sale?

I hope you find it!  It happens, it really does!

~ vintage love ~


Monday, May 20, 2013

patterns, projects, and peonies ~

It's been so hectic around here lately!  I spent yesterday at the Springfield Antique Show and some other shopping and then home to do some nesting and fluffing.  Mick is full speed ahead with his "second job" at the golf tournament, so I'll have the next few weeks as a golf widow.   I always spend this time of year working on things around the house like weeding, spring cleaning and decorating.  

Lately I've really been drawn to patterns, particularly I am loving trellis and quatrefoil designs.  I picked up a new cushion for my vintage chaise yesterday while I was out and about.   I love the neutral against all the pretty greenery starting to pop up in the garden.  That gnome had to come home with me too!  My Mom loved gnomes and when I found one that was all white and crackly, I knew he was made for me.

I've had this quatrefoil rug in my foyer for about a year now and still loving it..........

 And of course I just added this one to my dining room a few weeks ago.....

 My office just got bit by the pattern bug too!  Just a little hint of the quatrefoil design under the coffee table.  The dark grey mans it up a little bit and the pattern offers just enough of the modern element I like.



 Last year, we transplanted my Mom's favorite peony plant from her yard to ours.  She had transplanted these peonies from house to house over the years and they had survived.  Everyone told me not to expect any blooms this year.  But, we have two blooms coming in!

 One for my Mom and one for my Dad, bless their hearts and God rest their souls.  I was so happy when I saw these blooms yesterday!
Working on a few projects for the shop as well.
I found this table a couple of weeks ago.  It's not an antique, but sometimes I see something that has great lines and potential.  This would make a great table for a small foyer or sofa table, even at the end of a bed.  I immediately envisioned it in a "driftwood" look, so I've been working on creating that.  I will share completed photos soon.

 I'm always a sucker for corner cupboards too!  I think they remind me of vintage dining room built-ins.  This one definitely needs some love!  Annie Sloan Old White and some new hardware should help with this transformation.  Just getting started on this one!

What are you working on lately?
Whatever it is, hope you're having fun with it!

~ vintage love ~


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

barn love ~

I remember driving around the countryside as a child taking what my parents called "the scenic route".  We'd drive and drive with the windows down, maybe make a pit stop at a country market where we'd buy hunks of cheese and ripe plums and commence to eat them with our bare hands while we continued to drive.

I remember driving with my best friend's parents sometimes too.  We got to cruise the country roads in a butter yellow vintage convertible that was big enough that we would slide into each other in the back seat when we turned a corner.  Loved that feeling.  The wind flowing through our long curly teenage 1980's hair, the sun shining down on us, the fields rolling by.

I remember the barns we'd see.  Those pieces of art looming tall and majestic against the turquoise skies.  The barns that housed farm machinery and cows and horses.  Those barns that make my mind go crazy with wonderment.

It was a beautiful day today, and I decided to drive down a country road to visit a friend who I knew would be working hard getting ready for Springfield at the workshop.  I've made this trip many times and I've oogled over this chippy, broken structure.


Definitely thinking a photo shoot must be planned here.

barn love.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day ~

A Happy Mother's Day to every Mom out there!

This is my second Mother's Day without my Mom.  A very difficult day of the year for me.  We always spent Mother's Day at her house planting flowers and filling her flower pots.  Steaks on the grill and always a DQ ice cream cake, as it was her favorite.

My Mom was a creative farmgirl.  She grew up milking cows, gathering eggs, sewing, baking and creating.  She was Miss Pleasantville in high school and was known to win an award or two for the clothing she created for 4H.

As a child, my Mom got my love started for all things DIY.  We yard saled, antiqued, and auctioned on a normal basis.  She taught me to reupholster, to paint furniture, to save things that someone else might just look past.  We crafted like crazy.  When I was bored, she'd send me outside to gather up little bits of nature then she'd give me some paper and glue and have me make art out of what I had collected.  She taught me to roll up magazine pages into tubes and glue them to cans and round bins to create funky holders, totally 70's style!  We did decals and stencils.  We scrapbooked.  

She loved to cook.  She baked, canned, and rarely used a recipe.  She just whipped up the most delicious home cooked food by memory.  Unfortunately, I didn't inherit her love for cooking, but I am trying.  Sometimes I phone my Mom's sister to get insight on one of their family recipes that I'm trying to replicate.  One of the things I miss most is her homemade noodles.

My Mom had a HUGE vegetable garden when I was kid.  Tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, onions, kohlrabi, peas, cucumbers with majestic sunflowers gracing the far North edge of the garden.  I loved that place high on the hill behind the house.  I learned about plants and bugs and canning during those years.

And animals were an integral part of our lives out in the country.  We took them all in.  We had oodles of outdoor cats and of course, always an indoor dog which was always a mutt, generally the runt of the litter.  My Mom showered love on the poor old dog that noone else wanted.  She even let me catch tadpoles and keep them in a big washtub.  We had bunnies that I named Johnny Bench and Mary.

In her own way, my Mom continued to take care of me until the end.  She couldn't walk and was so very weak, but she could listen and smile and let me know everything was going to be alright.  I knew that I would make it through today when, at 11:11 this morning, I happened to look at my phone and those numbers were staring back at me.  11/11 is my birthday.  My Mom was saying hi to me, I just know it.

My Mom often told me that she just wanted to be free of her pain, she wanted to walk again.  With every ounce of myself, I know that she's not only walking, but running and dancing!

 ~ all my love to my Mom today and every day ~


"Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible."
 ~Marion C. Garretty

Thursday, May 9, 2013

featured at Common Ground ~

What a pleasant way to start my day.....waking up to a note from Debra Oliver at Common Ground that she would be featuring my little old dining room on her blog today!  So exciting!!

If you haven't visited Debra's blog before, you should!  Her site just explodes with ideas, inspiration and beauty.  Debra has a wonderful eye for vintage decorating and puts vignettes together like no other.  You will just love looking through the photos of her home.  In addition, she hosts weekly "inspiration parties" where we can all link up to see what everyone's doing in their home.

I just love her blog and link up whenever I can!  She's a very active blogger and has new posts all the time.  It's fun to keep checking in with her!

Thanks Debra for the feature!  You're a gem!
~ vintage love ~


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

nature's beauty ~

While walking old girl this morning, we came across the simplest of nature's beauty.  Truly the color of a robin's egg is nature's prettiest of colors.  So vibrant against the dull cement.

And so symbolic of fresh and new life.

~ vintage love ~