Monday, January 7, 2013

the dough bowl ~

 As the annual January organization frenzy begins around here, the Christmas decorations got put away.  Well mostly.  I ended up placing all my neutral glass balls in my big trencher bowl to keep them safe while wrapping all the colorful ones.

I thought it looked so pretty!

So is it weird of me to enjoy them just a few days more?


Honestly, I don't care!

They're staying just a little longer!

They look kinda wintery and snowy right?

How long do your decorations stay up?

I've had lots of conversations with customers at the shop about this very topic and the answers run the gamut.  A couple people took them down on the 26th.  A few said New Years was the day.  And one person said that January 5 is her traditional day to take everything down.

I do not have a set time frame but I would say that generally speaking, mid January is when I usually start packing things up.  As much as I love the Christmas tree and all the memories and stories in the ornaments, it felt so good to reclaim that space in my family room!  Things were feeling a bit claustrophobic in there.

I've got some plans for organization over the next couple of months.  I started Saturday by buying some 12x12 boxes at Hobby Lobby to corral all the yearly tax documentation.   Not sure why, but I love organizing!

~ vintage love ~


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I'd just think of them as snowballs, and it can be a winter thing! I took the great room tree down last weekend, and this weekend coming up I will take down the front room tree. I just do it little by little. I usually leave the walkout tree up til February. Why not! It's a lot of work decorating all of them, and I don't get to see that one as much.

Shannon Gabor said...

You can do whatever you want! No Rules!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Everything comes down New Years day for me. However, I did keep out my white sparkly pinecones, I love them!

Debby said...

Nothing set in stone here......just depends.
I like the shiney bulbs for the new year in that dough bowl.

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...

Good morning Polly I take Christmas down the day after Christmas I put it up the end of Oct. as much as I love it after Christmas I am ready to put away clean move things around !! (still working on that ) The fab cupboard I got from you now has a new home in my living room I so LOVE it !

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