Thursday, January 10, 2013

simple love ~

 I'm a simple girl despite my tendency to overthink and overanalyze just about everything.

I enjoy simple decorating, simple cooking, and simple crafting.

When things become complicated or complex, my engines start to shut down and my energy just gets zapped away.

 That's why I love it when a simple little something comes together perfectly to bring a vision to life.

 I have this big chippy pale pink chalkboard in my family room that I write little messages on and change up every once in a while.  I had been wanting to add a little banner of some sort to dress it up for Valentines and of course had been overthinking what would be the perfect banner.  I was cleaning out a drawer yesterday and found a package of miniature paper doilies and I instantly had a vision in my head for the chalkboard.  Sometimes things happen that way, don't they?  Totally random and sudden.

 This little project took all of 10 minutes and honestly, the biggest timesuck was letting the glue gun heat up!  :-)  I just folded the doilies, added a dab of hot glue to the fold and stuck them onto a length of yarn.  Simple and easy but so cute for this time of year!

 ~ vintage love ~



Angie@slipcoveredgrey said...

Simple is perfect. I am just like you, I think simple creates more of an impact. Your chalkboard looks great!

Kate said...

Leave it to you to share the easy peasy and oh so cute with us. Have a great day Polly


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