Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk - "chippy"

 Happy Weekend!

It's time for another Saturday Shop Talk!

Today, it's all about the chippy goodness that I love so much!

You'll always find lots of chippy timeworn pieces wearing their original patina here at Georgie Emerson Vintage!  The furniture that I repaint is generally given a good chippy distressing too!

This old crate immediately spoke to me with its old beat-up shabby finish.  I love those rusty metal chippy details on the corners.

 This fabulous old cabinet is a very unique size and just look at that chippy finish!  A little red and yellow popping against that chippy white!  It's got shelves inside for storage.  (SOLD)

 Chippy celery stalk green!!  This little table is so cute and perfect in its own shabby little way!

 I think this uber cool piece gets overlooked because it's currently being used to display my jewelry assortment.  It's a two tiered bench that is fabulously weathered and chippy.  Looks to me like it's spent a few years in the great outdoors!  Absolutely perfect for corralling watering cans and pots.

 Spring is near {I hope!} and old tubs are going to be in high demand for weddings and bbq's.  Get an early start with this old girl.  At Christmas, I placed a 4 foot tree in it and it looked so good!  These things have so many and drink servers, herb gardens, indoor storage, heck I've even seen one repurposed into a laundry room sink {on Pinterest}!  (SOLD)

Love the look of old ceiling tile?  Then, these will be right up your alley!  They are new, but have a great chippy rusty style.  I've added a Valentine sentiment that I designed, but it could be changed out with photos or other quotes you love!

This old planter screams rusty chippy!  Gotta love that patina that comes from years and years of weathering!  love.......

 I just snapped this photo this morning when I arrived, but since then, this vintage credenza has sold.  Still sharing since it fits into the chippy category so well!  This is a piece that I transformed with some cream paint and a sander to achieve that shabby look!

 This old motel chair is in its "as found" condition, which is pretty much perfect I might add!  
Chippy rusty white!

Thank you for visiting today!  Hope you enjoyed all the chippy finds gracing the sales floor at Georgie Emerson Vintage today!

~ vintage love ~


Thursday, January 24, 2013

locally handmade goodness ~

This week I have added a ton of wonderful locally handmade goodness to the shop!  I have so many talented friends that have come through in a big way!  Can't wait to share all of this fun stuff with you!

I always try to have a few handmade wreaths on the sales floor.  My friend Jessica makes great rosettes and embellishes wreaths like no other!  She dropped a few off yesterday and they are out on the floor ready to go..........

Today I received a new assortment of handmade beaded earrings from another talented gal!  She brings in a whole bunch and lets me pick and choose which ones strike my fancy at the time!  Her earrings are a great length and peek through shoulder length hair just perfectly.  They add a subtle touch of color to any outfit!  And they are affordable so you can build up a nice assortment!


Trish of Two Peas in a Pod is an uber talented crafter girl!  She's been busy whipping up a fresh supply of ca-ute headbands embellished with vintage sweetness!


And, now are you sitting down?  Because these babies are COOL!

My friend Janet of Open Market Style has created these super fun cuffs made from old softballs!

Yes, you read that right!  Old softballs!

I am absolutely loving the juxtaposition of the grungy, worn old ball with the vintage rhinestone bling!  Such a statement!

Fun stuff, huh?!?!?!?

The shop is just packed full of fun stuff right now!

~ vintage love ~


Sunday, January 20, 2013

a garage door makeover ~

 So we live in a normal suburban new{er} development.  The houses were all built by different contractors and builders, so each house has a different look.  

There's ranches, two stories, traditionals, and even a couple modern style homes mixed in.

There's a myriad of materials used throughout our neighborhood.....brick, wood, stucco, variegated brick, stone, siding, etc.....


Every house {except for two, trust me, we counted!}, has the exact same garage door!

this is ours.........


white panels, just like every other house in the subdivision, except that a few of them are brown.

So, for Christmas, my sweet in-laws transformed our garage doors for us!

I am loving the new carriage house style look so much more!

 As you round the corner and turn down our cul-de-sac, this is what you see now......

It adds just the right amount of detail and interest.

My father-in-law and husband worked on it together and reported to me that is was not difficult at all.  Mick just said it required a lot of measuring, so if you're patient, sounds like this would be an easy project!  I'm glad they tackled it because I am not patient, I never measure, and numbers are not my thing!  Those hinges would not be straight if it had been left up to me!  LOL

A great Christmas gift from two great people!   Thanks Alex and Carol!

~ vintage love ~


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk {vintage style} ~

 It's a brisk and windy Saturday morning in Central Ohio!  The sun is shining but it's a bit deceiving.  Last weekend we were blessed with warm enough weather to prop the shop door open all day!  And now here we are back to winter!

I reset the shop on Monday with a bevy of fresh new things that I can't wait to share with you today.  A touch of Spring, still plenty of Valentine LOVE going on, and some farmhouse style things too.

Saturday Shop Talk

vintage style

 This vintage bird lamp has been topped with an old shade that I hand tied linen to.  It's a super tall lamp in a figural bird style made of ceramic.  It also has tole flowers on it.  Hard to see here, the next photo is a little more close up.  Only two locker baskets left! 

 You can see the lamp in a little more detail here.  Also, those vintage clock face flash cards are too fun, right?!?!


This vintage black bookshelf has a great look and a fun detail at the top.  I left as I found it in black but it would look great dressed in any color.  It's filled with lots of little bits.  The glittered snow owls are super cute!  There's some pottery in case you're ready to start forcing your bulbs inside!

This is a fun little find in its original celery stalk green chippy paint.  Perfect color for spring!

I love me an old motel chair!  Loving that rusty white!

My center display is filled with farmhousey goodness........a huge old frame, cute ironing board table, divided box, suitcases, tarnished silver, lace hat, dried lavender bundles and wreath, old ladders, huge upcycled chalkboard frame, divided wood carrier.........

Here's the back side of that display........

 pitter patter, pitter patter
that's the sound of my heart beating every time I look at this oversized cool old scale!

 an old washtub filled with platters and a great vintage galvanized hinged box......

 The unique shabby shelf pictured below has sold and will go its new home in a few weeks.  She contains lots of interesting smalls though!


 old decanters of various shapes and as vases or even for bubble bath and bath salts!

 Next week I have a few super cool industrial pieces coming, so the shop will get another new look before you know it!  Love industrial?  Can't wait to share these things that are coming!

~ vintage love ~


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Shop Talk {Valentine Window} ~

 Good morning and happy weekend!  We are having amazing {but kinda weird} weather yesterday and today in Central Ohio.  I have had the shop door propped open for two days straight and the heat is turned off!  Hard to believe for January, but I'm gonna take advantage of it!

Yesterday, a large piece sold out of the window so I decided to work late last night and give the window some Valentine love!

So, today's  
Saturday Shop Talk
  is all about my current window display!
The window wares are all for sale too you know!

I hung heart garlands made from old book pages and sprinkled bits of love here and there for a cute, sweet and shabby look!  It's even nice enough weather to drag stuff outside again {love that}!

 This old gesso frame has been give a new look with light grey paint.  I added a handmade birch banner to the inside of the empty frame.

My doily chair {embellished with love} has been dressed up with a burlap and ruffle sweetheart pillow.

 I added a very vintage circa 1950's pink prom dress to the mannequin for a pop of color.

UPDATE:  the pink prom dress sold first thing today, so I replaced it with a fun little number you see below.........vintage pink bell bottom pajamas trimmed in lace!

 I stripped the urns of their beautiful pine dressings which was a little sad, but I was ready for a new look.  I left the white branches and added book page hearts with pink clothespins.  I had the hearts laminated at Staples so hopefully they will withstand some rain.



 I use my window stage for display inside because my space is so so tiny {just 484 square feet}!  I need to utilize every inch I can for display.  Here's a peek at the inside.....

I get tons of comments on this this crafty thing, so I thought I would share.  It is so simple!  Just take a strand of white twinkly lights and add cupcake liners to each light.  You can use simple liners like I've done here or get colorful and fun depending on the occasion or celebration.  The liners help to soften the light and just look so cute.  I've just strewn them about for a soft glow in the window at nighttime.

As the remainder of the Christmas decorations get tucked away, I'll be continuing to transform the shop with new finds and fun little things.  Thanks for coming by and have a good weekend!

~ vintage love ~