Friday, December 28, 2012

oh 2012 ~


What a year.

Ups.  Downs.

Twists.  Turns.

Lemons.  Lemonade.

Loss.  Grief.

Dreams.  Belief.

My life.

 My Mom and Dad.  I lost my Mom this year in March.  I lost my Dad six years ago.  My pain and emotions drowned me this year.  I've made it through, but not without the support of my husband and friends.  I miss them both so much, it hurts all the time.  So far it hasn't gotten any easier, but I take comfort in knowing their painful fights are over and they are flying in His grace.

I kept on keeping on.  I kept busy with my projects and decorating and my vintage journey.  The booth at the antique mall was my therapy.









 I did some crafting and decorating.  Kept busy, kept those creative juices flowing.  Made a wreath or two.

 Redecorated a little.  My laundry room/ mud room makeover really kept me busy..............

I painted and reupholstered this old bench.

 I scouted out all the perfect pieces for the space including this old sink that I LOVE!


 And eventually got the space finished up!

 Furniture makeovers are always a good diversion for me. 

And then towards the end of summer, my clouds lifted a litte bit when my husband and I called the number on a little sign in the corner of a window on a petite storefront in the historic district of our little town.  My dream of being a shop owner was dangling in front of me like a big old carrot in front of Mr. Ed.  We were told we were fifth in line to see the space.  It was unlikely we would get it.

But.  We did!  And we haven't looked back or stopped moving ever since!

 The store looked like this for the fall opening......


 And then I finally got my sign!

Our first Christmas season at the store......


I also reached what my eye doctor called "visual maturity" this year.  Umm.  Yep that was the offical medical terminology.  Glasses with bifocals that I still can't get used to.  They make me dizzy when I walk while wearing them.

So here we are at the close of a crazy year.

A year that challenged me in ways I could never have imagined.

A year in which I saw and experienced highs and lows that I never could have imagined.

A year in which I was outside my comfort zone more than I was in it.

And a year in which I might have discovered more about myself than I ever thought possible.

I'm still here, that old ticker's still ticking and this journey of mine is still trekking along.

Cheers to 2012.........

And Cheers to 2013!

Happy New Year!

~ vintage love ~


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sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Polly! Glad LIFE is being GOOD to you! Happy New Year! and many BLESSINGS for 2013! Your shop is adorable VINTAGE! Roxie

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Beautiful post Polly. This had to be a really hard Christmas for you. I know your parents have to be smiling down upon you - happy to see all the beauty you bring to the world! God Bless.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

That was really nice Polly...I know what you have gone through, except for opening a store part but yeah, life is a journey and sometimes you just never know what the next day holds. Not having my parents at the holidays is the hardest part of them every year and so far it hasn't got a lot easier, mostly because I was so close to them being the baby girl of the family. I know your parents are smiling down on your wonderful new accomplishment and experiencing it right along with you! Happy 2013! ~Hugs, Patti ps...I am going to get out there one of these days!

Debby said...

some years are hard.....esp. with loss. The firstyear is the hardest. All the holidays esp.
Hey, is that the picture I took of you......if it is, that makes me happy.
I love those glasses on you. Hope you get used to them.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So glad I was along for the ride Polly.
Cheers to 2013!
And you two are so cute!

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