Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I just can't........

.............comprehend what has happened.  My words mean nothing.  There is nothing that can be said to make sense of any of this.

My heart and mind are filled with images of those faces.  I offer love and prayers to everyone.  We have friends who live in Sandy Hook and my heart just aches for them, their community, the living and the fallen.

Today I was at the vet with old girl Riley who has an ear infection.  We were in the little room waiting for the doctor to come in.  I found myself scanning the room looking for exits, checking to see if the doors had locks, and planning my exit strategy if need be.  My ears were on high alert listening for unusual sounds from behind the closed door.  How sad.  How utterly incomprehensibly sad.

Offering peace and love to all of you as we all try to grasp this situation each of us in our own way.

~ Polly ~


Debby said...

I have had a really rough time since the shootings in Aurora.
I do the same thing about exits. If I have the grandkids with me I plan in my head just what I would. We aren't supposed to live in fear but how can we help to not.
My only peace is knowing that those little children are angels. My heart hurts for all the peole involved. (((((HUGS))))

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