Friday, November 30, 2012

"vintage" shortbread cookies ~

 Happy Friday!

Last night our Moonlight Market was a great time!  So many new and familiar faces stopping by to say hello and see the store all gussied up for the holidays!  Trish from Two Peas in  Pod Homegrown Designs did a make and take rosette demonstration which was a hit with adults and kids too!

I wanted to share with you something else that was such an amazing addition to the festivities........these adorable "vintage" embossed stamp shaped shortbread cookies made by my Mother-in-law Carol.  

 Carol lives in Missouri and wouldn't be able to make it to the Moonlight Market, but she wanted to participate in some way.  She called me a couple weeks ago and told me she'd like to send me some cookies.  I was so excited to hear that because she's a great cook and baker, and I just knew she'd come up with something pretty special!  And of course, she did not disappoint!

These cookies were so unique and such a topic of conversation!  Also, absolutely delicious!  I paired them with Coconut Bites made by my chef friend Candace.  I thought the coconut kind of looked like snow!  And those Coconut Bites are simply sublime as well!  Yum.


I asked Carol where she got the cookie cutter so I could share with you.  She purchased it from Fancy Flours.  Here is a link to their page of alphabet cookie cutters

These were just too cute not to share!!

Happy Holidays!

~ vintage love ~


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shaggysheephome said...

Looks good. I remember the cookies that your mother in law made last year for Christmas. They were gorgeous!!!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Wow! Could her cookies be more perfect for your shop! I love them, and am adding that cookie stamp to my wish list!

Debby said...

I felt bad that I didn't take a picture of the cookies. I ate mine before I too a picture.....and I am not supposed to eat flour. I even asked Pam if she had taken a picture. I wanted to share it when I post the pictures of your shop. Hopefully that will get done soon. So I am glad that you did this post. Those cookies were so cute and yummy too.

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