Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving ~

This morning, I received an email in my facebook in-box wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving.  This sweet soul also mentioned that she's sure my mom and dad are with me on this day.  I can't tell you how much that meant to me.  This is my first holiday season without them both and I have been struggling with some very raw emotions lately.  I've been keeping busy with work to try to deflect some of the feelings and sadness.

 No hopping in the car with a casserole in tow and heading to their house full of turkey dinner smells and windows all vapored up due to the hot oven and flurry of activity.  None of Mom's homemade noodles or oyster dressing.  No watching my Dad pick the turkey bones dry.  No napping with him on the couch with full bellies.  No debating with Mom about how much leftovers we'll take home. 

But, I continue to remind myself, especially after the sweet and gentle reminder from a friend, that they are with me today.  And every day for that matter.

We visited the nursing home today where my Mom spent the last several months of her life.  I have a connection to that place that is undeniable, not just because she passed there but also because of the kind and gentle people who became an extended family to us during our journey.  We took a gift to my mom's old roommate, a special and unique person who brought us laughter and joy in trying times.  When she muttered, well actually yelled the words "I miss you Polly", my heart melted. 

Despite going through this Thanksgiving without my mom and dad, I am still thankful for so many things in my life, too numerous to mention.  Mostly though, I'm thankful that I had many wonderful Thanksgiving memories with my parents to think of today.  I know they're together now.  I know they're not suffering with illness.  And I know they're thankful for many things too.

And my windows are vapored up here at home.  I'm trying to replicate mom's noodles.  The house will soon be a flurry of activity when our guests arrive.  And I'm sure we'll debate over how much leftovers they will take home with them.

The traditions, the rituals, they continue.  They live on in us.  

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  Make memories.  Relive your family's traditions.  And most of all, be thankful.

~ vintage love ~


Debby said...

So sorry Polly. I didn't know that you lost both of your parents in one year. That has to be hard. We lost both of our dads within 3 months of each other. We still have our moms. Hope Thanksgiving went well for you and you can start new memories.

Polly McCormick said...

Thanks Debby. I lost my Dad 6 years ago. This is my first holiday with both gone. So sorry to hear you have both lost your Dads. It is so hard!

shaggysheephome said...

Polly you brought tears to my eyes! Your parents still live through you and the memories you have of them! Maybe you did not feel your mothers hand on your shoulder during dinner but I am sure it was there. Please pass me one of your mothers recipes so that I may help you carry her into a tradition in my home as well.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I have tears in my eyes. This had to be a very hard day for you. So nice that you visited the nursing home and surely touched your mothers roomate with your kindness. I'm sure your parents are smiling upon you and very proud of you. I made chocolate pudding today in honor of my grandma and made sure when her great grandkids said how much they loved it that they knew where the recipe came from. We also used her servers that she always used for gherkins and olives. I still miss her so much and its been so many years. I try to carry on her traditions through her recipes and just always tell my boys how special she was and how special sh treated me. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Sending you a hug Polly, all the first are so tough. This past week was full of laughs and tears, making all my Mom's recipes for my family and hoping they taste the same. So bittersweet.

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