Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November photo challenge with Fat Mum Slim ~


I have been wanting to participate in the monthly Photo Challenge at Fat Mum Slim for several months now, and finally I am doing it!  Six days in and I'm still going strong!  The main reason I've been wanting to do it is because I thought it might help me slow down and breathe things in throughout my day rather than just muddling through without appreciating some small, minor, maybe even mundane things throughout the day.  The challenge kind of prompts you to look at things in a new way, sparks your creativity, and helps you search for beauty in things you might otherwise overlook.

I figured November would be a good month to start.  The holidays are quickly approaching and things will likely keep getting crazier and crazier.  There's so much beauty in the every day!  And I want to embrace that!!

Here is the the November list from Fat Mum Slim.  Anyone can participate.  The easiest way, I've found anyway, is Facebook.  It's fun to see each person's take on the daily word!  And the people are all over the globe!  If you want to participate, go to her blog or Facebook page and join in!

Here are my first several images............

Day 1:  something beginning with "C" - I chose COLOR and I am loving mustard right now!

Day 2:  Colour - I chose this vintage turkey paper decoration from the 70's.  Love the pops of turquoise and red.

Day 3:  breakfast - bright and early that morning, I was driving 45 minutes to an event.  It was dark and cold and all I had was a blueberry muffin.  And no flash on my camera phone!

Day 4:  TV - this is our vintage console TV that resides in our basement.  It belonged to my mother-in-law and was purchased in the 80's.  We still use it!

Day 5:  5 o'clock - woke up after 5am and I just kept thinking, "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere!"  Hence this image of Alan Jackson singing the song on youtube!

Day 6:  A favourite thing -  white, quatrefoil, and Paris all in one little vignette

This challenge is definitely getting my creative thoughts flowing!  Especially the TV one.  Not much fun to take a picture of a TV, but when I started thinking about it, I realized we have a TV that has meaning and a great story behind it!  Like I said, this simple challenge helps me to slow down and appreciate.

My pics will likely be VERY random.  I'm not planning to have them have a "look" or aesthetic.  I'm not a professional photographer and I just use my camera phone.  Nothing fancy, nothing award worthy.  Just images.  Images that make me smile for some reason or another.

My friend Solange at Shaggy Sheep Home is participating too.  Check her images out here.

~ vintage love ~



shaggysheephome said...

Polly I am so happy to say we are similar. I love everything you took and would say each one fits my personality as well. Ahhhh Paris and the colors in turkey. I am actually looking to buy a musterd yellow sweater and the only reason I did not take a picture of a vintage tv is because I could not find one. I agree this is almost like a scavenger hunt and makes us to be more aware of our surroundings.

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