Monday, October 22, 2012

pretty poppies ~

 While in Missouri, I got to visit several fabulous shops that my mother-in-law took me to.  One of them was called Saturday Morning and located in Springfield.  The mother/daughter team specializes in painted furniture and designer fabric canvas art.  I fell in love with a set of canvas artwork in the perfect tones for my family room.....buttery yellow, taupe and cream.  She even added some metallic paint touches onto the fabric which creates an added dimension.  I decided to buy them to hang above my industrial tables and flank my sofa.

Riley's taking her morning snooze on her perch!  I had to add a big ruffly blanket to keep the dog hair off the couch as much as possible.  This is her favorite place in the house!


I loved the artwork that was there before but the scale wasn't quite right.  These are large canvasses that really elongate that part of the room.

Thanks for visiting!

~ vintage love ~


artwork - Saturday Morning Springfield, MO
lamps - thrift store
shades - yard sale
industrial tables - Urban Farmhouse
sofa - Value City Furniture (years ago)
coffee table - Heritage Square Antique Mall
dough bowl - Heritage Square Antique Mall
mercury glass pumpkin - Marshalls

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Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Polly...I was in Missouri last weekend. St Louis, St Charles, visiting my best friend. I love how you put your room together. I wish I had something that looked good on my sofa for my dogs. They are so spoiled they don't know what the carpeted floor is for. I would love to get or make a slip cover for it. Making it seems too daunting though. I was going to stop by your shop on the 11th but you were closed. I was at my granddaughter's school for grandparents luncheon and in the area.~Hugs, Patti

shaggysheephome said...

Great pictures! I love your soft fluffy edges with the hard metal edges. And that dough bowl!!!!!!!! What's in it? Riley is adorable, does he feel at home in the shop too?

Polly said...

Hi Patti, I was in both St. Louis and St. Charles last week too!! How funny is that?

Solange, the dough bowl is filled with rose soaps from the Dollar Tree! And, yes, Riley likes going to the shop, HOWEVER, she bards A LOT so she doesn't get to go too often, at least not when customers are coming in and out. When I'm there working late at night, I take her with me.

Jill said...

I must admit that I beam with DeRolph pride when I see all the beautiful creations from your creative hands! Love these pics -- but really, really love Riley taking her deserved share of the comfortable room!!! You do know that under dog law, she gets 90% of all possessions -- at least that's what my two tell me!!!!

Debby said...

I love the canvases. Your room looks so warm and cozy. Apparently Riley thinks so. hat's my yorkie's favorite spot. I call it her bunk bed as the springer sleeps on the couch below her.
I like how you have all kinds of mixes going on.

Debby said...

That's weird that the bed thing highlighted. DOn't go there, it doesn't have anything to do with this post.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your room looks so cozy and neat! Your pup is so cute - love how they make the place their own!

Sharing Shadymont said...

Your room is lovely. The pictures you bought are beautiful!

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