Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween touches around my house ~

 We've been enjoying some fall and Halloween touches around the house for a few weeks now, but haven't been home much to enjoy them.  Now that this freakish Frankenstorm weather has hit, we've been spending a lot of time cooped up inside!  I've added a little more here and there, so I thought I'd share.

 Generally speaking, I decorate for all the holidays in a simplistic style.  I just add little touches here and there. 
In the kitchen, this single velvet pumpkin rests atop my coveted ironstone cake plate......

My old scale always stays right here on the breakfast bar.  I decided to add three more velvet pumpkins to dress it up a tad bit........

 So last year, my live pumpkins were stolen off my porch just hours after getting it all decorated.  To put it mildly, I was pissed!  I swore that it would be a while before any live pumpkins go into my decor again.  But this year rolled around and I just HAD to go to my favorite pumpkin patch.  I bought a few pumpkins with every intention of doing my fall ladder on my porch again this year.  Here's an old pic of my favorite fall front porch decor.....

 Once I got them home though, I just couldn't bear the thought of some kid smashing them all up and down the road, so I brought them inside and have been enjoying them ever since!  I love placing white baby boos under cloches and the pale orange ones look so pretty on an urn.......

I added some more baby boos to my apothecary jars.....

In my foyer, I added a spooky black skull wreath to my old mirror and just a few little things on my credenza......

and of course some glitter branches to liven things up a bit!

 In my dining room, I added some bat clings to the window and decorated the table with some of my favorite things like black cake plates, glittered pumpkins and my vintage ghost from Keely, and of course, you know there's ruffles!

another view of the dining room table......

glitter love!

 apothecary pillows at each end of the table......

 just a few things added to my buffet......

 more cloches with Halloween surprises......


The candy is all ready for tomorrow!  I just hope the little beggars are able to get out and about this year!  It is so cold, windy and rainy, I'm just not sure.  I haven't eaten a single piece, but my husband has eaten the first layer off the top!  He is begging the beggars to get here soon!!

Thank you all for stopping by!

I have stayed home all day today just puttering around the house.  I may have even taken a little {or a long} much needed nap!  Keely and I worked our magic at the space we rent at Goumas Candyland in Granville all day yesterday, so this was a much needed retreat here at home.  You can see pictures of the candy store and our vintage displays here.  Here's a sneak peek before you head over there......

I hope you all are safe and sound wherever you are!

~ vintage love ~


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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Shop Spotlight - black and white

Happy {rainy Frankenstorm} Saturday!

We are open here at Georgie Emerson Vintage staying inside out of this Saturday drizzle, and we're sharing another edition of our 

Saturday Shop Spotlight -

black and white

I love black and white as a decorating color combo for Halloween time, but honestly, I just love it in general!  I use a ton of black and white in my own home through subway art, black frames, black and white photography, and accessories.  You can find an assortment of black white things currently in store here at Georgie Emerson!

 old BINGO cards......

vintage cream bottle

 freshly restocked with several scents of locally handmade candles!  The packaging is sophisticated and classy and will fit in any home decor.  Our current scent selection includes:  
Winter, Pumpkin Pie, Maple Butter, Sea Salt and Rosemary, Lavender Sage, 
Christmas Tree, Holiday Spice, and Candy Cane.

 vintage houndstooth dress, size 11

 vintage camera - great decorator item!

 vintage black crinoline and white necklace, not to mention the dress form!

 wicker lamp with french script shade

 new french scroll

 handmade dropcloth tote bag

lots of flash cards

handmade music page Halloween wreath

 french pillow

more candles

old box restyled with an Olde Paris stencil

 white tree filled with black ravens and Paris tags

more candles and a table with a black and white book pages top

ironstone and an old ruler

black and white LOVE bangle

 handmade music note necklace

handmade black and white vintage button bracelet

hat boxes filled with new bottle brush trees

old clock face {be still my heart}

old turkey planter

black glove mold, chippy old spindles

 vintage black and white snapshots

Halloween is close, but I still have BONES flashcards

There is still a smattering of fall and Halloween stuff left and it's right around the corner, so I'm offering 25% off on those things today only!

~ vintage love ~


Thursday, October 25, 2012

rescued envelopes ~

 For some reason, I am always drawn to things like this.  Recently, I came across this box of old envelopes.  They are yellowed, brittle, and quite fragile.  The gummy closures are sealed shut just from years of sitting so snugly in this box.  Initially, I thought I would use them as envelopes, but after examining them more closely, I realized they were just too frail.

I am in love with their time worn patina and I couldn't bear the thought of just throwing them away, even though their original use is no longer an option.

 So I set about stamping them with various frenchie designs and tying them with vintage string, seam binding and twine to achieve this look.......

 I will be displaying them at the shop as Christmas tree ornaments and I'm giving you a little sneak peek!

They would work on gifts, stockings, or just hanging on a bulletin board.  I may make some without the string as they could be framed too.

A fun little project for a slow day at the shop!

~ vintage love ~

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

little shelves ~

I'm laughing right now because I just typed in "Happy Monday" and then I realized it's already Wednesday!  Boy, time really gets away from me sometimes!

Last week on my Georgie Emerson Facebook page, I posted a photo of these vintage shelves that were falling victim to my paintbrush that day.......

 Poor things!!  Outdated, neglected and injured!!

We picked them up last spring.  They've been sitting waiting for me to love on them!  I was originally drawn to their cute little lines and diminutive size and I knew they had great functionality factor too!  When I received my new candle line last week {thanks Sue!}, I instantly thought they would make perfect display shelves for the candles.

So, I got busy and whipped up a batch of that homemade chalk paint where I just add 2 heaping tablespoons full of plaster of paris to white flat latex paint.  I then antiqued them with some stain.  I decided to dress them up by decoupaging the shelves with some old book pages.

Here they are in the shop............


 I went for a variety of pages included ledgers from 1906, blank ledger pages and old dictionary pages.
I just love that old handwriting!

 Here's another close-up for you......

 and a little side by side action......

I will be using them for display, for now anyways as they are for sale!

Enjoy your day my friends!  And, as always, thanks for stopping by!

~ vintage love ~