Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Motley Junket ~

Good morning friends!

Please visit our sister blog and vintage business venture ........  
Motley Junket

I share this journey with my friend Keely.  We display our goods at two places......
Goumas Candyland
13 E. Prospect Street
Granville, Ohio
here's a peek.....
AND at
Heritage Square Antique Mall
1865 Channingway Center Drive
Columbus, OH 43232

Yep, I'm a busy bee these days!  But, it's a good thing!  Loving it!!

Thanks for your support and encouragement as I've ventured into having my own storefront.  It's been an amazing journey so far!  I will be continuing the Motley Junket adventure with Keely too!

~ vintage love ~



Sue said...

Polly- I just found out from Debby @Cozy Blanket that Georgie Emerson was a stand on its own shop! We thought it was in Heritage Square. We have a trip planned for the first weekend in Oct. after we visit Rural Society. Hope we'll see you somewhere! LOL Glad to see you are keeping busy and staying out of trouble. Or are you?

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