Sunday, September 16, 2012

Country Living Fair {part one} ~

 Hello all!  It was a busy and eventful weekend around the Central Ohio area with events and festivals.  So many choices......The Country Living Fair, the Springfield Antique Show and Extravaganza, and The Backwoods Fest!  I was {wo}manning the shop on Friday and Saturday, but we were able to coordinate a girls day on Sunday to attend the Country Living Fair!  Yiiiippppeeee!  

First, I would like to thank my friend Shannon of Vintage Restyled for helping us out with tickets!  Thanks friend!

The weather was gorgeous, just a perfect fall-ish day full of sunshine, mild temperatures, and a slight breeze now and then.  I went with my Mother-in-law Carol, Aunt-in-law Jane, and Sister-in-law Kara.  The men opted to stay home and entertain the little one so it was a girls only kind of day!

For those of you who  may not be familiar with The Country Living Fair, here's the gist.............Country Living Magazine corrals a large number of amazingly talented and creative vendors from across the country to sell their wares at The Ohio Village which is situated in the heart of the city of Columbus, Ohio.   The grounds are transformed into a picturesque country setting with booths clustered throughout.  You also get to wander through the buildings which show what it was like to live back in a simpler time.  There's shopping, food and massive doses of inspiration!

Our first sight..........this sweet vintage lemonade stand.  That lampshade is full of live flowers!


 spray painted chevron pumpkins.......cute!
 We visited Cari's booth of HGTV's Cash and Cari - you can see Jane pointing to her there in the background!  She had some super cool things!

Who doesn't crush on a vintage turquoise truck?!?!

We loved these recycled sweater wreaths by Bloomsbury Loft!  I generally do not gravitate towards color, but these cuties had me at hello!  That black and white chevron one at the bottom was my favorite!  :-)
 Here's Jane in front of the infamous Country Living pumpkin tower!  If we got lost from one another, it was easy to meet up at the pumpkin tower.

 Another pumpkin tower photo. That's Carol, my Mother-in-law on the left, Jane on the right, and me in the middle.

another oldie......

this was a great booth.....

 Besserina was one of my absolute favorite places today!  I loved her style!  She transformed her little tent with a barn wood topper and her Besserina sign.  She makes beautiful linen ruffled curtains that lined the walls of the tent.  It was just light, airy and sweet.  Loved it!

 Modern June was super cute too!  Oilcloth galore!  I bought some Washi tape and a handmade clutch here.  And Modern June, what a cute name!
 Carol bought a beautiful antique iron bench in one of the tents set up in the very back, so we had to carry it quite a ways!  Kara and I took turns carrying it and taking a rest now and then too!

Hands full of packages and curly willow branches and fresh squeezed lemonade, it was time to head on home!

I'll share my treasures soon!  I had not been to the Fair in a couple of years, so it was a real treat!  I found some fun things, mostly handmade.  I love all the talent in one place!  So much fun!  

Til next time my friends!

~ vintage love ~



Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Looks like a great day ~ can't wait to see your treasures!

Eclectic Chic said...

Great photos Polly!! I went three days but my new camera's batteries were dead. Yes, even the spare! And I cannot find the charger! Ugh!! I am glad you got some good photos!

maffy neri said...

I love those photos. Very interesting. I love your blog. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

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decorator to the stars said...


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Polly...I didn't know all this about what you have been up to! Congratulations on your new shop! I would love to visit one day soon. I have not been keeping up with blog stuff for a few months or so. Having family upheaval has kept me in a state of upset of late. I keep hoping for some peace but so far it is a little allusive. I am so happy for you and wish only good things for your new endeavor! ~Hugs, Patti

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