Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a new banner for the shoppe ~

The Country Living Fair oozed creativity and inspiration this year!  One thing I noticed was the use of handmade banners in almost every tent.  I saw banners made of a variety of materials including burlap, oilcloth, ribbon, and knotted fabric remnants.  I had been itching to make one for my petite storefront so yesterday I quit thinking about it and just did it!

I knew I wanted to use old book pages.  I love to read and I have a slight obsession with letters, words and graphics.  To create this banner, we cut pages out of an old dictionary with an exacto knife  We then ran each page through our printer to add the oversized letter.  I chose a font called Vintage Typewriter.  This process was not all rainbows and unicorns.......the paper is old and fragile and tended to bunch up and not run through the printer perfectly, but with a little patience, we got it done.  

First, I reinforced each page by gluing it to card stock.  Once dry, I then cut each page down by trimming about 1.5 inches off of each side.  I used a clear plastic box to trace out the triangle on the bottom of each one that was cut away to create the flag look.  Then I just punched two holes on the top of each one and strung it with twine.  

This banner really helped to fill the space above my work desk at the shop.  You could make one for a party, holiday mantle, or special event in your life and the possibilities are endless! 

~ vintage love ~



shaggysheephome said...

I did not think a mans name could look so pretty, LOL. It looks great!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Just perfect!!

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