Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The World's Longest Yard Sale {2012} ~

So Mick and I went on our annual pickin' road trip on Route 127 last week!

It's commonly known as The World's Longest Yard Sale and it seriously holds true to its name!  Sale after sale after sale!  Vendors are set up along the side of the road.  Houses and barns, parking lots and fields are filled with stuff.  We decided to hop on Route 127 at Eaton, Ohio and head South this year.  The amount of stuff we find dictates how far we go.  Once the car is full, it's time to head on home!

 We left home around 6:30 a.m. and arrived at the Route 127 Exit at 8:30 a.m.

 Every year, there's a barn that we always stop at first.  These folks never disappoint!  My first find of the day is a keeper - an old french book for my collection!

 Our next stop is always the same too.  There's an abandoned building where vendors set up and we usually find interesting things here.  Mick made his first purchase bright and early - vintage Atari games, old Model Railroader magazines, and old photos.


At this stop, I found a few things including this rusty crusty old Bread box.  But I seriously wanted to make an offer on that fun camper back there!!

 From here, we headed on down the road stopping and starting, looking and laughing, digging for treasures.
We both wanted to buy this old truck.........

 At a barn sale, I unearthed this old Penmanship book.....

 it is filled with drawings like this and instructions on how to draw them.....

I always joke that a junkin' trip is complete once ironstone is found.  Only one piece this trip, but it's a cutie!


 I had Halloween and fall in mind this buying trip, so I was happy to find a couple of pumpkin colored vintage planters.........they pair nicely with these old Bingo cards that Mick found for me.

I couldn't leave this creeper behind!

 We stopped at a cool old schoolhouse for an impromptu photo shoot....



 I just love this old shelf with it's details...........I see a makeover in its future!

 This chunky wooden lamp spoke to me.  It's huge!


 It was really hot this year, I mean sweltering - gross - sickening - nauseating - uncomfortable - nastyass HOT!  We ended up calling it a day pretty early on Thursday and starting fresh again on Friday.  We decided to stop at sales, but we also went to some antique stores and thrift stores too.....just to beat the heat a little bit.

 old wooden divided boxes {love}

 Mick and I both love old photos.  We couldn't resist this exquisite beauty!

 This table is screaming for a makeover and it's already in position in my garage.  Just trying to decide on a color!


I also happened upon a treasure trove of Amy Butler scrap fabrics that will be great for chair reupholstering and bulletin boards.  So happy to have found these!

 A pic of the back of the car towards the end of day two........ we got lots of old suitcases this trip.....they are all available at our Motley Junket booth at Heritage Square Antique Mall (Booth B002).

 On Saturday morning, I was still in picking mode, so I got up early and drove over to the Stoutsville community yard sales.........can you say crazy?!?  I soooo needed Mick with me to do the driving!  I was scared but eventually made myself a parking space in an overflowing lot.  I snapped this picture from my parking spot......

 I didn't find too much in Stoutsville, but I did get this great sap bucket and a watering can. 


I also came across three giant vintage letters and was able to spell EAT!  No pic, sorry!  I've already dropped them off at our Granville store location..........I thought they were a perfect addition to the candy store!

 Mick and I love old brick buildings.  This one is just perfect.

Now it's time to reveal "my favorite find" from our excursion this year........

I love these!  I am a sucker for graphics and ephemera and to find a whole roll of vintage labels makes me smile!

We had a fun time and came across some interesting goods............all in all, another good pickin' trip on Route 127!

Thanks for coming by!

~ vintage love ~


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Solange Hooks said...

Amazing finds! I love the bread box! What a great tradition. I think it's great that you built a mini vacation/road trip just for antiquing. I go on many road trips but I get it stuck in my mind to make the best time that I never pull over. I'll have to check out the yard sale next year.

must love junk said...

Polly, that sounds like my PERFECT day/weekend! How fun to do that with your honey :) Love all your great finds!

sweetvintageofmine said...

FABULOUS FINDS!! I guarantee we were next to each other at some point! We went farther north than normal-above Greenville. Us fellow bloggers need to wear some bright T-shirt next year with a BLOGGER saying! Wouldn't that be FUN to meet each other on the JUNKING PATH? LOVE YOUR AMY BUTLER Fabrics and the books too! You had some unique and great finds! Check out my road trip as well....see if you notice anything too! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

WOW...looks like you hit the jackpot!!! Love those fabric scraps...darling shelf and that charming little ironstone piece!!!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hey Polly, looks like you guys had fun!! I was just reading this post, scrolling down, then saw your photo and thought, hmmm...that looks like Polly, you had me bamboozled for a minute. Just let me know when you're getting ready to come down, we'll get together!!

Paige Thomas King said...

i am jealous that this is something you guys do together. maybe one day . . . in the meantime, i will be sure to stop by to see your booth the next time i am visiting friends and family in columbus. you have a great eye!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So glad you had fun ~ and I love that you love to pick together!!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Gracious....what a fun time you had! These Northen OH girls have yet to travel the great sales....isn't that awful?!! We see that you have some booths down south ~ we'll have to try to stop in some day ~ it will be a little while, as we went down to the fair 3 times last week for 4H judging....yikes!
Love all of your finds...that table is quite the snatch ~ can't wait to hear what color :) Have a great weekend!!

Sue said...

You always manage to find the best stuff on your forays, Polly! And you always have a great companion, too! :-)

Amy Kinser said...

Wow! Great stuff. My son and I went on the 127 sale as well and loved it. So wish my husband enjoyed this stuff like I do.

Nice visiting with you today.


Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Fun finds...lucky you! Great pictures too :) Thanks for the visit...glad to have found you. We like the same stuff :) Laurel

Zumi said...

Wow! It was such a fantastic finds, it looks vintage and so wonderful. Big thanks for sharing this yard sale. God bless.

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