Thursday, July 5, 2012

my dining room with a very special new addition ~

 Do you all have a room in your house that just feels right?  Feels like YOU?  

Mine is my dining room.

Sadly we don't use it much except for holidays and special occasions.  I, however, like to sit here in the mornings with a glass of milk and some fruit and quietly watch the neighborhood wake up.


 This year has been hard.  I'm still reeling from losing my Mom in March.  I felt lost.  We spent so much time together over the last seven years.  She was my normal.  And when she was gone, my normal was gone too.

 I quickly learned that I had to stay busy.  Fortunately, I have some very sweet and thoughtful friends who would whisk me off to yard sales, cupcakeries, boutiques and lunch dates.  Thank God for these special people.

 Taking care of my house in the way that I like to take care of it had fallen by the wayside over the past few years.  My commitment and priorities were with my Mom as her health declined.  As one of my girlfriends who had already lost both of her parents put it - "There's always time for cleaning house".  A young person with such life experiences and wisdom, she was ever so right.

 This old secretary was my Mom and Dad's.  Actually, it originally belonged to my Dad's parents who I never had the pleasure of meeting because they had died before I came along.  I knew this piece of furniture had to be given a most special place in my home.  It also helped me begin my healing process.

 Decorating, rearranging and fluffing my nest had almost become a chore.  There was no joy in it anymore for me.  And this was something that was always a deep part of my core a kid, I rearranged rooms weekly and it was not uncommon for me to change up a room in my mom's house while she was at work.

When we brought mom's secretary {her favorite piece} into my dining room, something clicked inside me.

 I saw such beauty in it.  Not just the piece of furniture itself, but it's story, it's life, the people who had touched it, the memories tucked inside its cubbies. 


 Somehow it spoke to me.
And I knew that cleaning and tinkering about my house was the therapy I needed.

 And so that's what I've been doing mostly.

I've also thrown myself into my little vintage business, but mostly, I've been here at home doing what I do and being at peace with it.

 My style has evolved into a look I would describe as "feminized industrial french".
The juxtaposition of hard lines next to ruffles is so very me.

 And anything "farmhouse-y" is welcome here in this house of mine.

 I know my Mom would want me to get back into some sort of routine, and in some way, she has helped me to do just that.

 When I sit here in my favorite room with the sunlight or moonlight streaming through the windows, I feel peaceful and filled with love.  I might cry and even weep for my losses. 

But I'm gently reminded.............

That they will always be with me.

~ vintage love ~


Solange Hooks said...

I feel so blessed to be able to say, "I sat on that chair over there and had a great lunch with good friends."

I love your Family's secretary desk and I am sure your mother loves where you put it.

I totally get your style and I love how your style is a description of your personality.

Eclectic Chic said...

Very sweet Polly. Your house looks fabulous!

Janette - The2Seasons said...

I love the demi-john on the table. I made two lamps from some that I got on ebay. They are showstoppers!!!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your room is beautiful, and your story and writing even more so. Reminds me of my grandma, and how much I still miss her. I have my memories of her, and they really make it seem as if it hasn't been as long as it has since she's been gone. God bless you!

must love junk said...

Polly, this is such a beautiful post! I agree, 'fluffing' your home can be good therapy...surrounding yourself with things you love can boost your spirit. I love your dining room- just my style!!

Sandy said...

My heart go's out to you with the loss
of your mom.. it took me a year to get
over my sick heart when I lost my mom.
You have such nice items from your mom
and may sound silly but I have little
things of my moms scattered around my home that I
can look at each day.
Take very good care of yourself during
this time..

Erin said...

What a touching post, Polly. Loss like that takes such time to heal, and you write so elegantly about working through it.

Take care,
Erin @ Carolina Country Living
(visiting from Primp Your Stuff Wednesday)

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