Friday, July 6, 2012

HGTV Design Star - that kitchen!


Are you watching HGTV's Design Star this season?

A couple of the designers, namely Brittany and Danielle, are just blowing me away.  This kitchen of theirs did not disappoint with the pops of color, white cabinets, crystal chandelier, book page art, and industrial touches.

 I totally disagreed with the judges who negatively critiqued the book page art......they said using it as a backsplash so close to the cooktop was a bad idea because grease may splatter up on it.  Um, hello, don't most of us clean our kitchens regularly?


 I really liked the styling and accessorizing.

 This buffet is gorgeous!  Love the worn look and the mirror.  Surprisingly, I'm finding myself very drawn to the modern vases and urns as well.  The color palette is perfect for me.

So tell me, are you watching?  And what do you think about this room?

~ vintage love ~



Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

This room is fantastic! I would love that buffet and mirror - the chandelier! Really great mix! Really nice color everywhere. I agree with you and really like these 2 designers. Brittany comes across more casual and relaxed, but they are both really talented. Its been a fun season. Oh - I've had frames on my wallpaper backplash forever - the frames (some are hanging and some just lean) and wallpaper have held up with no problem. Its not like the normal person throws sauces at their walls :). I enjoyed your post and the photos.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for visiting and following my blog! I agree with you, those vases and urns are attracting me too. It's nice to appreciate different styles. I love your blog.
Your newest follower,

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hello Polly! Yes, I do watch the show and have for the last 3 years! I don't watch much T.v. but I catch this one! I think the girls did a great show mixing it up! Looks realistic in todays VINTAGE HOME decor!! From one sweetie to another~~~~~Roxie

Cristeen said...

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