Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrate your independence!

Happy Fourth of July!

It has been quite a week around these parts here in Ohio.  A quick, yet powerful storm system swept through here on Friday leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power for several days in scorching temperatures.  This morning, I received a text that our Granville candy and vintage store got power and I saw several yippees on Facebook too.  We are all so thankful for the technicians who've worked so hard in this heat to restore our modern conveniences!  
 UPDATE:  it was a false alarm!  The power is not yet on in Granville!  Hoping it is restored soon!  We will let everyone know when we can open!

On Sunday, Mick and I visited someone with a few red, white, and blue gifts.  This person lifts my spirits in ways I cannot properly articulate so I will leave it at that.  But when the words "it's Independence's Birthday" were shouted followed by a big "fireworks go BOOM!", all the trials and tribulations of the week just kind of floated away.  It's amazing how certain encounters can bring life into a whole new perspective.  The icing on the cake was when "I miss you Polly" brought me to tears.  Humbling.

And yesterday, I was given the pleasure to help a little girl on her quest to win the "best decorated wagon" in the parade contest.  She and her momma did all the hard work turning an old wagon into a firework, and let me just tell you, it is CUTE!   Good luck little one! 

So today we celebrate our lives of freedom.  Our rights.  Our independence.  Our hopes.  Our dreams.

Happy Fourth~



Revi said...

Happy Fourth to you, too! Visiting and following from MLJ.

Solange Hooks said...

I would love to see pictures of the wagon and I cant wait to visit the original Goumas candyland store. After a long and stressful week fireworks, chocolate, and good friends will be the icing on my cake. Glade you have icing on yours!!!

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