Thursday, July 26, 2012

vintage towel pillows ~

Hello all!

So do you all have a pillow obsession like me?

Ohmigosh, I just love pillows!  They make it easy to change up a room for little investment.  I always gravitate towards the pillow section at any retail store.

I have just brought in a fun collection of pillows made from vintage towels to my Georgie Emerson booth at Heritage Square Antique Mall.  There is also one ruffled pillow too!  
These are all handmade by a sweet lady I know!

There is one with multicolor stripes, two with red stripes, and one with blue stripes.  If these do well and seem to be "in demand", we'll be offering more!  They are made with an envelope closure, so the pillow form can be easily removed for washing.  The ruffle pillow, however, does not have an envelope closure.

Currently available at Georgie Emerson Vintage {Booth C004} at Heritage Square Antique Mall.
 Open all weekend!

~ vintage love ~

Saturday, July 21, 2012

loads of ironstone in store now ~

 There's a load of vintage ironstone in store right now at Georgie Emerson Vintage,
Booth C004 at Heritage Square Antique Mall ~

stacks of plates, bowls, pitchers, tureens, and even a unique rare very large compote!

Heritage Square Antique Mall is open all weekend!

1865 Channingway Center Drive  Columbus, OH 43232
Saturdays:  10am 9pm
Sundays:  Noon - 6pm

~ vintage love ~

Thursday, July 19, 2012

a tale of one ugly mirror ~

If you have been following along this week, you saw my posts detailing the country farm auction we attended last Sunday.  In one of the bedrooms, this sad lonely solitary mirror was resting against the wall.  In the photo, it is shown on it's side and reflecting my overflowing garage.  But I digress.

 It had no bids.  Noone was interested.  But I saw it for something other than a boring vintage mirror.  As soon as we got home, Mick unhinged the mirror and this is what I discovered underneath.  Just plywood, nothing fancy.  But just perfect as a.....


It even has a perfect lip at the bottom for holding chalk!  I painted over the mid century blonde finish with soft grey paint and painted the center with chalkboard paint.

It is now available for sale at Goumas Candyland where my friend and junk sister Keely are now offering our vintage wares.  You can learn more about that venture of ours here.

Hope you are all having a good week!  Thanks so much for stopping by!

~ vintage love ~


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a country auction {Part two}

 The yields of a true country auction.....


 everything was so dirty and cobwebby from being forgotten in a barn all these years....but it is all found again!

I heart this old hose reel......although it kind of looks like a midieval weapon of some sort.

 Mick bid on a couple of old croquet sets in which we salvaged the balls, three mallets, and one of the carriers.  Most of the mallets were broken in half and chewed on {by something}.  I love the old mustard yellow paint on this one.  I've been thinking what it could be repurposed for......possibly a broom holder?  Any other ideas out there?


very crusty old stool

 This is some sort of pump.  We thought it had a cool look to it.  What would you do with it?

The last room of the auction was the "summer kitchen".  By this time, there was only a handful of people left.  Most everything that I wanted was in this building so we hung around all afternoon until the auctioneer reached this spot.  This has never happened to me before and it was soooo funny and a little awkward........but we got in there and it was just the auctioneer, the clerk, and me!  Noone else came in!  So, I got dibs on what I wanted to rescue out of there!  We were laughing as I was the only one bidding and had noone to bid against me.  A couple more people showed up after a few minutes but it was fun while it lasted! 

 I got this cute little stand.....looks almost moroccan, don't ya think?

And these were what I had been waiting for all day!  I spied them and they stuck on my mind all day!
Three old crates in the prettiest original pale aqua blue paint with a little darker blue and pale green 
peeking through in spots.

In the summer kitchen, I also got a mid century danish modern buffet that needs some love but I think it might end up being a very stylish piece.  In addition to these fresh farmhouse finds, we got three boxes of old linens, a pair of satin wedding shoes, a very sweet old millinery headband, a cottage style mirror, and a mid century mirror that is so ugly!  But I think it's going to end up as a very nifty and large chalkboard in the next couple of days....stay tuned!

If you ever have the chance to attend a country auction, go!  It's such fun and you just never know what might be uncovered in those old barns!  Wear your walking shoes and be prepared to get a little dirty.  But also, be prepared to have a little fun, country farmgirl style!

~ vintage love ~


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Featured at Knick of Time!

Happy Tuesday!

What a fabulous way to start my day!  I learned that Angie at Knick of Time featured my upcycled factory time card holder!  

Angie hosts a weekly vintage party on Tuesdays.  It's a fun way to see how other bloggers are adding vintage to their home.  The creativity and ideas are endless!  Stop by and check it out, say hello, and please let Angie know I sent you!  You can also participate in this weekly link-up party with your own vintage post!

 Angie's blog is full of vintage including free graphics, furniture and room transformations, even things for sale!  She's a busy lady and blogs often!  It's always fun to keep checking back!  Last week she hosted giveaway after giveaway for her blog anniversary!  It was such fun!

Thanks Angie for the feature!

I will be posting again later today with part two of " a country auction"!  You'll get to see our finds gathered at a country farm auction on Sunday!

 ~ vintage love ~


Sunday, July 15, 2012

a country auction {Part 1}

Yesterday I was transported back in time at an old country farmhouse.

 We attended a farm auction where we had the chance to roam through a farmhouse, barns and outbuildings.


 The original part of the house was a log cabin whose beams are still intact.  My favorite part of this room is the white plank ceiling.....


 I have never seen a kitchen quite like this one!  All the cabinets are metal....and are actually in pretty good condition.  I was told that the retro appliances do not work but they sure do look neat!  A fellow auction goer who specializes in this era and style said that she was interested in purchasing the appliance fronts which could then be attached to a new appliance for a true retro look.  Brilliant!

 This is a close-up of the vintage flooring in the bathroom.  Love it!  It was in surprisingly good condition.  So was the pink wall tile!


 Of course I was madly in love with this huge sink in the laundry room.   Not sure why I have such an obsession with old sinks but this one had me at hello!

 There was a total of 6 outbuildings................just dreamy!

 The building above was the "summer kitchen".  It was in terrible disrepair but I couldn't help but snap a photo of one of the old blue doors.  You can see how badly all the paint was peeling and just how dirty it was.

 This old dresser was located in the summer kitchen.  Great lines and super chippy with old cream and turquoise paint!

We ended up spending the day walking about the house and grounds in between bidding for the items we wanted.  It was hot yet breezy, sunny yet comfortable, and peaceful despite all the folks milling about.  I loved being in the countryside for the day.

Tomorrow I will share my treasures with you.  We filled up the car with some neat things!

~ vintage love ~


Friday, July 13, 2012

friends and an old chair ~

Yesterday I told you about a dresser that arrived on my doorstep courtesy of a fine friend.  

Today, that story of friendship continues with an old chair.

 I met Candace back in 1996 when I started working for Big Lots.  It was my first "real" job.  On my first day, my new boss took me to lunch at the company's cafe operated by Candace, a chef.  This country girl had never met a real live chef before, so I was instantly intrigued.  Turns out, we were about the same age and both learning the ropes in corporate America.  We became instant friends.  Candace has shared so many recipes and cooking tips with me over the years and lately, she's been showering me with some amazing finds!

A couple weeks ago, she texted me letting me know she had decided to go to her community yard sale and look for some treasures I might like.  She's confessed to me that, generally speaking, she doesn't go saleing much, but she had some down time and thought she'd go look around.  I was napping and didn't get all of her texts right away, but this former corporate girl took it upon herself to get the names, numbers and addresses of people who had stuff I might want!  The next day, I went to her house and picked up this chair she bought and then another one from someone in her neighborhood.

 Candace knows that I love anything "farmhouse-y" and she thought this antique chair fit the bill.  I totally agreed.  It has great details and I love the dark stain. The seat cover just needed a little updating.

 I had these curtains on hand that I had found a while back.

 Love the grey and white stripes and I thought it might make a nice combination.

It really updates the look!

 I added a sweet handmade ruffled pillow {made by another friend, Jane}.

 This chair {and pillow} will be available for sale at our brick and mortar storefront - Motley Junket and Goumas Candyland - the Granville store location we've recently opened.  UPDATE:  Sorry but this chair is SOLD.  For more information about that venture, please visit our Motley Junket blog. The address for this location is:

The Original Goumas Candyland and Motley Junket
113 N. Prospect Street
Granville, Ohio 43023
just a few doors down from the fire station

Here's a couple of photos of the vintage wares and handmade chocolates you will find there......

Vintage and chocolates {it doesn't get much better than that}!

Cheers to friends who go out of their way to do some junkin' for a friend!

Thanks Candace!

~ vintage love ~


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trash or Treasure?

Sometimes really cool things show up on my doorstep.

This brightly hued bad boy came courtesy of my friend Stan who doesn't mind grabbing a piece of good trash from the neighbor's curb for a girl who loves to rescue things.


This poor thing had seen some better days!  It was clearly a garage shelf and had various and sundry drippings and splatters adorning it.  A couple missing knobs and mildew never deter this old girl though!

A few coats of Zinsser primer followed by two coats of Elegant Ivory.  Add in eight 50% off Hobby Lobby glass knobs and some number stickers and you get instant office storage shabby style.


Earlier this summer, I came across this box chuck full of number stickers from a cigarette display for a convenience store.  I hate cigarettes and I hate smoking.  But I'll repurpose these stickers all day long!  There's hundreds of sheets of black and white numbers, various sizes.


 For this project, I used an exacto knife to cut out the 1,2,3,4 white numbers and adhered them to each drawer just eyeballing where they should go.  These stickers peel off super easy, so re-positioning them was not a problem.

 You can see all the little paint nubbins that I left on there.  Since this was a truly vintage piece and I didn't know what kind of paint it had been previously painted with, I left it sanding or scraping.

I have a good feeling that these number stickers are going to come in quite handy around here!

I have a few more "GOOD TRASH" stories to friend Candace has found some great pieces for me that are coming up on my "to do list"!

~ vintage love ~


P.S.  Thank you Stan!  :-) 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Keep Calm at Big Lots ~

It's no secret that Big Lots is one of my favorite stores.  I worked for the Big Lots organization in the HR Department for 10 years and loved it.  As an employee, I got a 20% employee discount which was a fabulous perk!  We still shop there weekly for all our consumables and we get so excited when we build up enough points to get our 20% off using our Big Lots rewards card.  On my last trip there, I was eligible for the discount, so a few extra things ended up in my cart including this ............


I placed it in my foyer right next to the door.  It reminds me to keep myself in check while I'm going through the stresses of the day.  Sometimes when I'm having a stressful moment, I close my eyes, count to 10 and try to visualize this sign.

 My husband always tells me "Don't sweat the small stuff."  I think I need a sign that says that too!

 I love it when I find something at Big Lots that fits my style like this!

Tell me, do you have a favorite "frugal type" big box store that you love to shop at?
Do tell!

~ keep calm and carry on ~

~ vintage love ~


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