Saturday, June 30, 2012

a new look ~

 Hello!  I had my big strong man available for some heavy lifting today, so I opted to have him help me at the antique mall for a few hours.  We moved just about everything in there to create a new look, and of course added some new things too.

 A couple weeks ago, Keely and I went to an auction on one side of town while my husband went to one on another side of town.  When I came home and saw two of these industrial age metal cubbies greeting me in the driveway, I might have let out a very loud squeal!  


 I added a creamer collection and some vintage book page shred to show how it could be used at home.  $150

We delivered two antique trunks to the shop today as well.  One dome top and one flat top.  $85 each.

always lots of unique soft goods..........various prices

 1950's tennis trophies - $15 each

 We have 5 vintage Japanese paper lanterns left - $3 each
vintage frames galore

 another LOVE - this old rusty three tier garden cart on castors - $65
filled with vintage planters, glass flower frogs and tin buckets
double galvanized bucket - $40

 vintage drip glaze owl - look at that face! - $30

 extra large vintage silhouette from 1969 - $22

large seashells ($10 - $20) and book lined chippy drawers ($12 each)

a bigger perspective.....

Heritage Square Antique Mall
Booth C004
Open all weekend!  
Including Sunday Noon - 6pm
It's nice and cool in there too!

happy weekend to you all
~ vintage love ~


Shannon@vintagerestyled said...

Love the cubbies! I have a thing for creamers, so that makes it even cooler!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Happy Fourth of July!
Your space looks amazing!!

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