Wednesday, June 20, 2012

new front door ~

 Hello!  Hope this post finds everyone well and enjoying their summer so far!

We have been crazy busy!

Yesterday, our new front door was installed, so I thought I would share a before and after.


 This is the door that came with the house when we bought it 9 years ago.  My Mom always wanted us to get a solid glass storm door installed so that pup-pup could look outside any time she wanted.  A few years ago, we bought one at a big box home improvement store.  Install day came around and the installer quickly assessed that the storm door would not work with the wood door.....the casings had to be removed and rebuilt......and this guy was not qualified to do such a job.  So, we just put that project on the back burner.

Over this past winter, our door stopped working in a few ways.....big gap up top so the energy efficiency was compromised.  And then the deadbolt was nearly impossible to turn.  We realized it was time to make the investment.


We chose what we thought was a traditional yet cottage style door with an arched beadboard insert at the top.  We opted for the simplicity of a solid glass storm door with no etching or detailing.  The white really lightens up the porch area and I am absolutely loving having the wood door open while I'm tinkering around the house.  It lets in so much light into a very dark foyer area.

I think pup-pup is loving it too, and I know my Mom is watching down and smiling!

~ vintage love ~



Kate said...

What a beautiful door! It does compliment your home so nicely. I agree pup pup is happy with your sweet mama watching over you! Have a great week!


Cathy said...

I absolutely love your new door and storm door! It really adds charm to the exterior of your home!

Adam said...

Hmm, the old front door you have looked a bit flat and plain because it looked too closely like the brickwork. The new door, on the other hand, has that "standout" factor that makes it eye-catching. That's simplicity and style at its finest!

[Adam Waterford]

sweetvintageofmine said...

LOVE THE WHITE! Polly, it's my first time visiting and became a follower! I re-painted my front door a few weeks ago too. I think your new door is bright and welcoming! Have a blessed week! From one sweetie to another....Roxie

Terry said...

The antique look of the old door is cool, but this new door is totally amazing! It makes the frontage of the house feel lighter, or less heavy at least, than with the old wooden door. And the glass door in front of the main door is great for keeping out summer heat or winter cold, while still letting light in. Great choice for a new door. It’s gorgeous!

Terry Arnold

Tameka Lauricella said...

I appreciate the change you made with your door. The installation of the glass door made your home look classier. It is also an added security feature. With that, you don’t need to open your main door to check who is outside. I just hope that it is durable enough to withstand other factors like wind and heavy rain!

Tameka Lauricella

Gabrielle Jeromy said...

Wise move on the door replacement. Broken doors can cost you a lot without you noticing it. Holes and gaps from a broken door allow heat to get inside the house, and cool air to escape. This can lead to an increase in electricity bills. It also poses a great danger to your property, as damaged and worn-out doors can be easily unscrewed by intruders and burglars.

(Gabrielle Jeromy)

Katie said...

All thanks to Mother Nature, you were able to replace your front door with this gorgeous white door. You can never go wrong with white, since you can match it up with different materials and textures. But I love how the door matches with those adorable white chairs!


Adam said...

I agree with all the compliments on the new door! The white opened up and brightened up the front porch. I think the decoration on the front of the door totally matches the brick-layer façade of the house. That glass storm door looks really, really good too. That’s gonna be great for letting in sunlight while keeping out the harsher elements of the weather.

Adam Waterford

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