Monday, March 5, 2012

- Introducing Georgie Emerson Vintage -

Hi!  Welcome to Georgie Emerson Vintage!  You may already be familiar with me, my style, and my little vintage business from Sassafras Stuff or Motley Junket.  Yes, it's me, Polly!  I am branching out and starting a new blog to chronicle the happenings of what I've lovingly been referring to as "my other booth". 

I know all these name changes have been a little confusing, and for that, I apologize.  I started out with the name The Sassafras Shop, but I let that booth go over a year ago due to family stuff and sheer tiredness.  Keely and I teamed up and started a small booth at a new mall which we decided to name Motley Junket.  I will continue to document the happenings of the booth I share with Keely at Motley Junket

Then I rented a separate booth on my own and that poor little booth has been nameless and riding the coattails of Motley Junket since its inception last July.  I felt it was time to give that endeavor an identity of its own! 

In January of this year, Mickey and I almost opened a storefront.  During that process, we did a lot of research and due diligence related to a store opening.  One of the fun things in the process is choosing a name.  I decided on Georgie Emerson Vintage and registered the name.  Ultimately, we decided not to open the store at this time.  Bummer.  But the timing just wasn't quite right yet.  Someday, my friends!  Someday.  Here's what could have been.....

By the way, my Dad's first name was George and my Granddaddy's middle name was Emerson!.  ;-)

I will plan on sharing my vintage finds and home decorating stories here!  I do hope you'll visit from time to time to see what I'm up to!

for the love of vintage ~



Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I like your new shop's name choice, and that it has special meaning to you. Looking forward to following all your creativity.

Cathy said...

Best Wishes with your new blog and it looks like your Georgie Emerson booth is filled with vintage love! I need to make a road trip to Columbus sometime this spring!

Rachel Andrews said...

Looking to following your blog. I LOVE seeing the pictures of how you decorate your home. I told a long time ago that I wanted a tour ;) I just can't seem to pull it together like you do so it's an inspiration to see pictures!

Solange said...

And so the men in your family live on in many different ways, I am sure they are proud to be part of something you love and something your good at. One day you will get your little shop ... Dreams do come true!

Kate said...

Love the new blog Pols, added it to my side bar can't wait to follow along with your newest baby. Boy we both have grown a lot Yeah for us girlies. Have a wonderful Wednesday xoxo Kate

michelle said...

Great name and what a great space! You will have a store of your own one day, I just know it.

French Hen Farm said...

Love your new blog and name of your shop!
Cant wait to come visit you again!

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