Wednesday, March 7, 2012

fun funky flash cards ~

In my profile over there, I mention how I have a slight obsession with vintage Shiny Brites.  I should probably add that vintage flash cards and graphics get me all geeked up too.  When I came across this massive stack of funky retro oversized picture cards from the 60's, I definitely got that giddy feeling!

This pile contains probably 200 cards!  There's a section of household items, animals, people, toys, and transportation.  I did some research and learned that these cards came in the Peabody Language Development Kit.  Each card is marked on the back with the year 1968.

They are soooooo frameable!
I was thinking they would look cute turned into a pennant style garland too.

 Imagine these all framed up in the kitchen or dining room.....

 or these in a little boy's bedroom.....

 and for a sweet little girl......

Yesterday, I took a small stack of spring and Easter related cards to Georgie Emerson Vintage.  There's bunnies, carrots, lambs, and birds.  Fab retro images in sweet and fun colors! 

They are priced individually for $2 each.  I'll be taking them in to the shop in bursts as I get them priced.  I am having a blast sorting through them!

- for the love of vintage -



Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your vintage cards are so graphic and fun! Neat find - and so many possibilities!

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