Friday, March 23, 2012

sneak peek ~

Happy Friday!

We will be heading over to the antique mall first thing in the morning to drop off a few things so I thought I'd give ya a little sneaky peeky!

I just finished this sweet little piece today. 
She's quite a cutie! 
Little vintage waterfall nightstand with a fresh creamy farmhouse finish.  I decided to reuse her original hardware because it is just awesome with the Bakelite inserts!


 Two oversized military lockers in industrial grey.  They are in "as found" condition even with the red numbers!

And a vanity stool that I covered with sweet birdie that pop of yellow!

Those lockers are gigantic so we probably won't be able to fit much else in the car!

Happy weekend my friends!

~ vintage love ~


Thursday, March 22, 2012

cute stuff at Tuesday Morning ~

 Do you ever shop at Tuesday Morning?  I probably pop in there once every few months when I'm over in that neighborhood.  I made a pit stop there yesterday and was pleasantly surprised with all kinds of frenchie things that were just so great........and I wanted to share because I know many of you will like what you are about to see!

First up, burlap footstools with clock graphic

 Now, if you love this one and want one, don't go to the Tuesday Morning in Pickerington because they're both gone and are loving their new home in my office!  Rose covered footstool - to die for!!

a couple of shelves of weathered wood baskets.....

crown drinking glasses......

and crown dishes.....

they had quite a few cute dish towels....this one with the yellow ball fringe was my fave....
I'm sorry the photo is a little blurry......I had been working at the shop and lost track of time and forgot to eat lunch, so I was a little shaky!

Just thought I'd act like a little birdie today and tell you about these fun finds at Tuesday Morning.....and no, I do not have any affiliation with them and I'm not being compensated, yada yada.  Just sharin' the love!

~ for the love of vintage ~

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

more vintage goods have arrived ~

Georgie Emerson received a little lovin' today!  Several new things sprinkled into the booth.....

transferware pitcher and washbowl is SOLD

We are having unseasonably glorious weather here in Central Ohio......I am calling it "sprummer"'s Spring but Summer too!  85 degrees today!  Wow!  Heading off to auction tonight and outdoor auctions are always more fun when it's Sprummer!  ;-)

~ for the love of vintage ~


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a few new things in store ~

We are having gorgeous weather here in Central Ohio this week, so I am taking advantage of it and working on many of the projects that piled up in my garage over the cold winter months.  I am so loving the sunshine!  I did take a little time to swing over to the antique mall to drop off a few fun little things!

This petite set of drawers has been brightened up with some light turquoise paint and distressing.  What a cute way to get your office supplies organized!


This shabby shelf had seen better days in its original state, so I brought her home and gave her a dry brush finish with light turquoise paint.  It turned out very cottagey and kind of beachy!  Love that scallop at the bottom!

This is one of those tiny little finds that is just soooooo cute!  A box of vintage matches titled La Petite.  Sounds french but it says they are swedish.  They came like this....all blinged out with glitter and rhinestones!  love love love!

Two antique bread boards with lots of patina.  

 a typical Queen Ann style side table funkied up with a turquoise twist!

There's two of these fabulous vintage prints and their frames are just as fabulous!

Digging through my stash in my garage the rest of the afternoon!  I'm sure there will be a few more additions to Georgie Emerson Vintage very soon!  Also, Motley Junket is getting a makeover before the weekend too!  

~ for the love of vintage ~


Friday, March 9, 2012

sweet and shabby Spring goods at Georgie Emerson ~

 Georgie Emerson Vintage got all gussied up for Spring this week!  

french provincial china cabinet is SOLD
lots of turquoise and yellow and milk glass fill the rusty crusty shelf that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see it!

two Dundee Marmalade has its original paper lid!

Springy flash cards add a touch of whimsy here and there
magnets made from a vintage USA map puzzle are selling quickly
pair of silhouettes (SOLD)

 vintage spring floral prints, ironstone, and pink wares

here's a fun find - pair of vintage aqua blue upholstered chairs - great condition
my friend Rusty told me the style would be considered "Hollywood Regency" - love that!

 staple items at Georgie Emerson Vintage - vintage mirrors and frames
large round etched mirror (SOLD)

TONS of dreamy creamy pottery planters
white arched mirror (SOLD)

galoshes card - how cute!

All prettied up and ready for the weekend!  There's lots of new things tucked in here and there and possibly a few more things heading in today!

I took pup-pup for a brisk walk this morning and upon returning home found this quote....

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. 
 ~Charles Dickens~

Hope Spring is knocking on your door too!

~ for the love of vintage ~


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

fun funky flash cards ~

In my profile over there, I mention how I have a slight obsession with vintage Shiny Brites.  I should probably add that vintage flash cards and graphics get me all geeked up too.  When I came across this massive stack of funky retro oversized picture cards from the 60's, I definitely got that giddy feeling!

This pile contains probably 200 cards!  There's a section of household items, animals, people, toys, and transportation.  I did some research and learned that these cards came in the Peabody Language Development Kit.  Each card is marked on the back with the year 1968.

They are soooooo frameable!
I was thinking they would look cute turned into a pennant style garland too.

 Imagine these all framed up in the kitchen or dining room.....

 or these in a little boy's bedroom.....

 and for a sweet little girl......

Yesterday, I took a small stack of spring and Easter related cards to Georgie Emerson Vintage.  There's bunnies, carrots, lambs, and birds.  Fab retro images in sweet and fun colors! 

They are priced individually for $2 each.  I'll be taking them in to the shop in bursts as I get them priced.  I am having a blast sorting through them!

- for the love of vintage -


Monday, March 5, 2012

- Introducing Georgie Emerson Vintage -

Hi!  Welcome to Georgie Emerson Vintage!  You may already be familiar with me, my style, and my little vintage business from Sassafras Stuff or Motley Junket.  Yes, it's me, Polly!  I am branching out and starting a new blog to chronicle the happenings of what I've lovingly been referring to as "my other booth". 

I know all these name changes have been a little confusing, and for that, I apologize.  I started out with the name The Sassafras Shop, but I let that booth go over a year ago due to family stuff and sheer tiredness.  Keely and I teamed up and started a small booth at a new mall which we decided to name Motley Junket.  I will continue to document the happenings of the booth I share with Keely at Motley Junket

Then I rented a separate booth on my own and that poor little booth has been nameless and riding the coattails of Motley Junket since its inception last July.  I felt it was time to give that endeavor an identity of its own! 

In January of this year, Mickey and I almost opened a storefront.  During that process, we did a lot of research and due diligence related to a store opening.  One of the fun things in the process is choosing a name.  I decided on Georgie Emerson Vintage and registered the name.  Ultimately, we decided not to open the store at this time.  Bummer.  But the timing just wasn't quite right yet.  Someday, my friends!  Someday.  Here's what could have been.....

By the way, my Dad's first name was George and my Granddaddy's middle name was Emerson!.  ;-)

I will plan on sharing my vintage finds and home decorating stories here!  I do hope you'll visit from time to time to see what I'm up to!

for the love of vintage ~