Sunday, March 16, 2014

the new shop ~

After a whirlwind of painting, building, moving and merchandising, our new brick and mortar shop is open!  We had an amazing first week back in the swing of things!

All of the pictures you'll see today were taken by the talented Marcy Harris, owner of Marcy Harris Photos.  Her photos literally took my breath away when I saw them!  She has such an eye!  Can't wait to share!

My husband built the store counter and my friend Pat Warthen came and painted my logo on the front.  Turned out even better than I had envisioned!

 Our old store had 484 square feet.  We've moved up to 870 with nice high ceilings.  I kept the walls and floors light to create a light and airy feeling.  The front windows go from floor to ceiling and add tons of natural light.  So happy!

 The floors began as dirty industrial carpet which was removed and the glue was grinded away to reveal the natural cement aggregate.  They then painted it white and brought in industrial sanders to rough it up.  The end result exceeded my expectations!

 I decided to add some gently used clothing to the mix at the new shop.  Each piece is hand picked for it's "romantic prairie" style and charm.  I look for lace, ruffles, rosettes and muted soft colors and pieces that are perfect for layering.  I also strive to find brand names quality pieces.  These items are all gently used, as you would find in an upscale consignment shop.

 Just one rack of clothing, but everyone is loving it so far!

 we even have a fitting room!


 Handmade vintage spoon jewelry.....

A new line of charm jewelry by Beaucoup Designs...........

vintage touches...

locally made jewel art......

 old correspondence........

 upcycled and repurposed........

Easter and Spring touches everywhere

 handmade home decor

handmade wreaths

 vintage finds

the big wooden doors were made from old hay wagon rails that were salvaged from the building.  they lead to the adjoining store, Sticks and Stones Studio 

What a wonderful first week we had!  So many familiar faces and new visitors each day!  My heart is filled with joy as we begin this new chapter of our vintage shopkeeping journey.

~ vintage love ~


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

and then, there was light ~

Things are progressing quite nicely at the new store!  Most of the work to the space has been completed.  Yesterday, my vintage chandelier was installed........

This chandelier belonged to my friend Nichi's Grandmother!  It had been in storage for the past 12 years and now is my crowning jewel!  It looks amazing with the tin ceiling tiles!

We also have a new floor!  This part of the building was an addition, although we don't know when it was added on.  The floors are solid concrete.  We decided to have the floors painted white and heavily distressed.  I just wanted a very worn and kind of gnarly look like people had been walking on it for years and years.  We'll be moving furniture around a lot, so if it gets scratched, it will just blend in.  And I won't freak out if a scratch occurs.  

The barnwood baseboards have also been installed and currently my husband is working on building a 12 foot counter.  It is so fun to see things coming together with each and every day!

So excited!!

~ vintage love ~


Monday, February 3, 2014

faux barnwood baseboards ~

We got the keys to the new storefront on Saturday, so since then, we've started a dozen or so projects to get the space all spiffied up!  My big project yesterday was staining boards that we'll be using as our baseboards.  I thought I'd share the technique I used to get a faux barnwood look with cheap pine boards and a variety of MinWax stains.  {Please note that I am not an expert in this!  Just a girl playing around with stain, and the help of the awesome paint girls at our local Home Depot - thank you Hillary and Erica!}

Also, Mick took several of these pics as I was working, so they are action shots and a tad fuzzy, but you'll get the drift, so here goes.

First, we bought all of our stock 1" x 6" boards at Home Depot.  I made special effort to look for the gnarliest boards I could find.  Knots, graining, texture, even divots and cracks appealed to me.  I did, however, veer away from any that were overly warped.  A good example is shown below.  This board had tons of graining to it and a huge chunk missing from the top.  Most would think that was a bad thing, but in the case of old barnwood, it's perfect!

I played around with several stains and combinations before settling on the following three stains:
Special Walnut
Classic Grey

You'll want to wear old clothes, latex gloves and a respirator for this.  Also, protect your work area floors because you will splatter.  I placed my boards on sawhorses to save my back from a horrible ache the next day.

First step, use a rag to apply Special Walnut over the entire board.  This is your base coat and gives some warmth to the undercoat.

Next, use a cheap 79 cent chipboard brush to apply Ebony stain over the Special Walnut.  Do not wait for the Special Walnut to dry.  Work in sections, brush the Ebony on and immediately wipe it off with a rag.  You may even mottle it a little bit by blotting your rag to create areas with more black than others.  You will throw this brush away, so no need for an expensive brush.  But you do need the bristles to create even more texture.

 This is how I brushed it on.............

And then, I wiped it off..............

See how it really darkens up in some spots............

 Now some of you might quit after the black was applied, but I really wanted some grey tones mixed in.  I wanted the wood to look kind of weathered, so I settled on a third stain to apply last, Classic Grey.

 I applied Classic Grey with a rag right over the other two stains while still wet.  It helps to work it all together.  The Classic Grey looks very blue in fluorescent lighting, so mixing it with the other colors really helped to tone that down.  Apply Classic Grey with a rag..............

And then use another rag to wipe it off and mottle it down...........

And there you go............that Classic grey adds just the right amount of "weathered" to it!

Here's another pic of two raw pine boards that I started with:

And the finished product..................

Isn't it cool how all the knots and imperfections really stand out?

I love how they turned out and can't wait to see them as our new baseboards!

I hope this is helpful for you.

~ vintage love ~


Friday, January 24, 2014


Hello everyone!  It's been a wild ride these past several weeks with the holidays and flu bugs and traveling to America's Mart for the first time and hitting the beach for a few days and resetting the shop for Valentine's Day!  But in addition to that, we've been working on something behind the scenes that we can finally {and are so excited to} reveal!

Georgie Emerson Vintage will be relocating to a new storefront!

We'll be setting up shop in the parcel on the right with the big awning!

This is a very historic building in our small community.  Bolenbaugh Hardware was around for 127 years and said their final goodbyes to the community in December.  When the liquidation signs went up in the windows, I was beyond shocked and saddened.  It's like the end of an era.  It broke my heart to know that I couldn't run across the street for nails or glue or sidewalk salt or paint or twine or glass anymore.  Truly, it was a neighborhood staple that will be sorely missed by everyone.

 I have been given an amazing opportunity to lease space in this building so monumental and meaningful to our town.  It was an opportunity that doesn't come often!  After many hours of deep thinking, pondering, and discussing with those closest to me, the decision was made to take that giant leap of faith and embark on the next chapter of my vintage loving journey.

So, here we are itching to get the keys in our hands so we can start transforming the space!  The building is beautiful and my parcel, though it's an addition, still has great bones with old tin ceiling tiles, super high ceilings, that great front door and windows, and access to the main store.  The main store will be home to Sticks and Stones Studio, two lovely gals who transform vintage furniture with paint and artistry.  I truly believe that our two aesthetics, combined with the talented girls across the street at CornerSmiths, will create a wonderful shopping experience and synergy in our quaint village!

As our journey continues, I will document it here and share the experiences and memories we make along the way.  I do hope you stop in from time to time to see what we're up to!  In the meantime, the next several weeks are going to be a big blur of painting, rehabbing, picking and merchandising!

Let the fun begin!!

~ vintage love ~


Thursday, January 16, 2014

under the weather {but getting better} ~

Hello everyone!  I have been absent for so long, it feels like an eternity with this nasty bug that caught me and just wouldn't let go.  I didn't even get to post any more Christmas house photos because I just didn't feel like doing anything!  Maybe I still can decorations and tree are still up!!  LOL, can't believe I just admitted that, but hey, it's the truth!

So anyways, my holidays were cut short because of my flu......I didn't get to go to Christmas or New Years, so that was a huge bummer.  We were leaving to travel to Atlanta for the Gift Market January 6, so I went to the doctor to try and get some help with my bug.  And the over-the-counter meds I was taking had caused my blood pressure to be extremely high, so an EKG and other tests ensued from there.  And then the meds for that have had quite an adjustment period.  I am literally just starting to feel like myself this week.  And that's after a nice visit to the beach in Florida!   I just want to get back to normal and start feeling like me again!

We got back from Market on Sunday and we started re-setting the shop with a whole new sweet and shabby look, so I thought I'd share a few pics of displays we've been working on...........

 We are doing a mix and match Valentine's banner bar!  So fun to pick and choose which hearts you like.  We have 28 styles to choose from!

 Our love filled window thanks to John, George, Paul and Ringo!

 And my favorite display in the shop.............

So now that I'm on the mend, I'm hoping to get busy painting and sourcing new wares!  Maybe I'll take down my Christmas decor at home sometime too!  hahaha

~ vintage love ~


Wednesday, December 25, 2013